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KeyedIn Projects

Fully Automate Project Delivery from Bid to Bill

With KeyedIn Projects you can fully automate every aspect of project delivery. From forecasting your demand for resource across your pipeline and existing projects, through to accurately billing completed work. KeyedIn Projects will keep your entire team focused on driving improved utilization, profitability and productivity.  Learn more about how KeyedIn Projects can help professional service organizations drive more profitable project delivery.

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KeyedIn Solutions

KeyedIn offers Project & Portfolio Management and Professional Services Automation solutions that automate the workflow of project management and services delivery teams, giving them new levels of efficiency, productivity, and visibility.

KeyedIn ERP

KeyedIn offers custom manufacturers a solution that enables efficiency, profitability, and growth through flexible ERP software, specifically designed to work the way manufacturers do business.

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Product Categories of KeyedIn Solutions, Inc.

Appraisal Services
Consulting Services
ERP for Make-to-Order Manufacturing
Job Estimating Software
Software, Accounting/General Ledger/Payroll
Software, Other Manufacturing
Statistical Data Collection & Analysis Software
Training of All Types, Including Audiovisual/Internet