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Kurt Is Your One Stop Advanced Technology Solutions Provider.

Kurt provides a full line of innovative products including: Vises, 5 Axis Schenke Clamping System, Workholding Systems, ToolBlox, Custom Workholding Systems, Fixtures, Zero-Point Workholding, Custom Gaging Systems, Precision Measuring Systems, Accessories.

As Seen In Production Machining

Kurt air powered motor vise

High Precision, Automated Clamping in Robotic Machining Cell
The motorized air vises provide consistent preset clamping force and programmability of the vise opening, if desired. 

Mazak Certifies Another Company for its VIP Technology Program
Mazak Corporation recently named Kurt Manufacturing Company, Industrial Products Division, a provider of workholding solutions, to its exclusive Value Inspired Partner (VIP) technology program that brings total manufacturing solutions to Mazak customers.   

Custom Engineered Systems
Kurt’s integrated custom engineered systems consist of automated workholding, fixturing, part conveying and gaging.

Small Part Precision Clamping
The Kurt MiniLock is a small, screw-down clamp that operates similarly to a precision vise.

September 2010 News
Company Endows Chair in Production Engineering at UniversityMachine tool manufacturer MAG Industrial Automation Systems is to endow a chair in production engineering at Tongji University’s Chinese-German College for Postgraduate Studies (CDHK), in Shanghai.

Vise for Accurate, Large-Part Clamping
The HDM690 AngLok vise provides a 9" jaw opening with 0.001" accuracy and minimal jaw deflection for effectively securing large parts.

April 2010 PM News
Manager of Strategic ProgramsSeco Tools Inc. has appointed Tracie Clarke as its manager of strategic programs.

November 2009 News
Software Certified by Autodesk InventorGibbs and Associates’ GibbsCAM 2009 has been certified for Autodesk Inventor 2010 software under the Autodesk Inventor Certified Applications Program. Certification is granted only after a product has been thoroughly tested by internal staff at Autodesk.

Kurt Engineered System

Automated Indexing System
The Kurt Engineered Division is a combination of Kurt's Custom Engineered Workholding Group, its Electronics Division and its partnerships with robotic integrators. The Kurt Engineered Division provides a source for automated systems with solutions for automating machine tool manufacturing and gaging operations.

Vises with 20,000 Lbs Of Force
Suited for large tool, die and production CNC applications, Kurt’s XL 8" vise has a 21" jaw opening and can clamp with 20,000 lbs of force. The vise features the company’s Anglock design—a pull-type jaw clamping design feature that reduces stationary jaw deflection by 80 percent, the company says. It also prevents parts from lifting upward under heavy claming loads.

Lock Vises With One-Piece Body And Stationary Jaw Design
The versatile lock vises include a one-piece body and stationary jaw design integrated with the company's Anglock feature. Together, this pull-type jaw clamping design reduces jaw stationary deflection by at least 80 percent providing clamping repeatability of 0. 0005".

Workholding Systems For Many Applications
The zero-point workholding systems from Kurt Manufacturing come in heavy duty, automatic, standard and custom models. Designed to integrate with new or existing workholding devices such as Kurt vises and fixtures, these VB DockLock systems are designed to provide fast setup on machining centers. With repeatable positioning accuracy to ± 0.

Automatic discharge chute

Chip Compactor Squeezes Out Savings
Kurt Manufacturing Company (Minneapolis, Minnesota), learning from experience, believes it has developed a highly efficient recycling system that produces significant savings.

Five new vises

New Vises Decrease Part Setup Time
During heavy milling operations, parts tended to creep upward and out of alignment within the vise jaws at this shop in Minnesota. Small chips got imbedded between the part and vise jaws, causing all kinds of problems. The company couldn’t operate its new Bridgeport VMC 1000 XP3 to its full potential on this part project, so the company's owner looked for a better workholding solution.

System For Quick Setup Changes
The VB DockLock zero-point workholding system is designed to facilitate workholding setup changes in seconds. The system can integrate with workholding devices such as Kurt's vises to provide an accurate, repeatable method for changing setups on virtually all types of HMCs and VMCs. Using the system, vises or fixtures can be positioned and locked in alignment onto the machine worktable, thus reducing operator setup errors.

Product Categories of Kurt Manufacturing - Industrial Products

Angle & Sub Plates
Automated System & Cells for Assembly & Test
Automated System & Cells for Material Removal
Chucks, Special
Chucks, Vacuum
Clamps & Fixturing Devices
Data Collection Devices for Gaging, SPC, etc.
Fixturing Systems
Gages - Digital
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Pedestal Type Fixtures & Tombstone Blocks
Probes, Electromechanical
Robots, Industrial
Statistical Data Collection & Analysis Software
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Vision Systems
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Trade Names

Groove Lock
Hd & HDL Anglock Vises
Versatile Lock