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The Aquarius Series multi-tank ultrasonic cleaning system

IMTS Cleaning Exhibits Emphasize Trends
This year, some parts cleaning exhibitors say the biggest trends they are experiencing include more automated equipment, the need for precision cleaning for smaller particle counts than in the past and growing demands for using more green and neutral-based cleaners. 

Metal part before cleaning. It appears dirty.

The Right Chemistry Can Improve a Parts Cleaning Process
The correct combination of factors should help you meet production, quality, personnel safety and environmental requirements. 

'Clean and Green' Seminars Offer VOC Compliance Training
Kyzen Corp.’s VOC compliance training seminars are continuing into 2018 with two opportunities exclusive to the metalworking industry.

Solvent Degreasing Regulations Explained
There is a current trend to exit some solvents to convert to a more environmentally preferred solvent that will comply with expected future regulations.

Scientist holding cleaning agent.

Vacuum Degreasing Offers Lean and Green Technology
One common cleaning system will work on all production parts without having to operate and maintain separate systems.

Clean and Green Cleaning Seminars are Coming to a Location Near You
To educate attendees about changes in government regulations, deliver new information and provide training on cleaning process' best practices, Kyzen Corp. has created “Clean and Green” seminars.

PMTS 2017 Slideshow
The ninth Precision Machining Technology Show (PMTS) opened yesterday to record crowds and the largest exhibit hall in show history. Here are some photos from the first day and a half. There's still time to attend the precision machining industry's signature event. Register Today at

PMTS Knowledge Center: When ‘Clean’ Really Counts
Chuck Sexton, global product line manager for Kyzen, will present a knowledge center to discuss options available for shops to meet customer’s cleaning demands.

Stratus Technologies Is Now an Official KYZEN Distributor
Stratus Technologies will promote, sell and support Kyzen’s range of cleaning products throughout the United States.

Metalnox Solvents Offer Non-Flammable and Low Surface Tension Qualities
The combined features of low surface tension, non-flammability, and superior solvency are designed to replace AK225, nPB, TCE and other undesirable solvents, the company says.

High Reliability Solvent Cleaning in Today’s Environment
Cleaning systems must be safe, efficient, effective and environmentally compliant.

Low-foam Alkaline Chemistry Removes Machining, Stamping Oils from Metal
Kyzen’s Metalnox M6319CP cleaner uses a heavy-duty, low-foam alkaline chemistry designed to remove a variety of machining and stamping oils from metal parts, including steel and copper alloys.

Greener and Cleaner: One Company's Environmental Win
Eliminating chlorinated and other degreasing solvents for metal parts cleaning continues to command attention for environmental and worker safety reasons.

Kyzen Appoints Regional Sales Manager for the Eastern Midwest
Kyzen announces that the addition of Jason Schwartz as regional sales manager for the Eastern Midwest U.S. – Industrial has been successful.


Alkaline Solution Cleans, Protects Steel Parts
MetalNox M6319CP from Kyzen is a heavy-duty, low-foam, aqueous alkaline cleaner designed to remove a range of machining and stamping oils from metal parts, including steel and copper alloys, and to provide rust protection.

Choosing an Aqueous Parts Washing System
As machining technology has advanced, expectations for product quality have increased as well.

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