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Lexair Multi-Mini Rhino bar feeder

Multi Mini Rhinobar Bar Feeder with 3 Feed Tube Cartridge
The Multi Mini bar feeder for CNC Swiss-type lathes has an ergonomic design and an upgraded safety interlock system.


Lexair Unloader Protects Surface Finishes
PMTS 2019: Lexair’s Unload Pro 80-1200 unloads subspindle length solid or tubing finished parts.

Pneumatic power chuck

Systec Pneumatic Power Chucks Feature Cast Clamp Times
Lexair’s Systec self contained pneumatic power chuck features fast clamp and unclamp times, the bodies are steel that has been hardened to a 62 HRC and precision ground and internal safety valves prevent the loss of air pressure and grip force.

Collet workholding components

Stationary Collet Workholding Components Group Together
Lexair Inc. can custom design and build turnkey solutions for any workholding application.

Multi-channel loading magazine

ecoPROFI is a Multi-Channel, Quick-Change, Magazine Bar Feed
Irco’s ecoPROFI bar-feed system is compatible with standard and Swiss-type lathes as well as machining centers and rotary transfer machines and delivers automatic, multi-sized bar feeding in an economical, small-footprint package. 

Flex Grip closers

Flex Grip is One Closer with Four Workholding Solutions
Lexair’s Flex Grip manual/hydraulic closers are clamped through a screw pump with a spring return opening and a parts stop disk is inserted and removed from the top to eliminate the need to remove the closer from the mounting base. 

Collet Chuck

Full-Bore Collet Chuck Boosts Spindle Capacity
Lexair’s full-bore, fixed length, self-contained collet chuck allows full capacity spindle operation, due to elimination of the drawtube, boosting spindle capacity as much as 30 percent. 

Load and Unload Pre-Processed Workpieces
The best application for this loader is in shops that process saw-cut, semi-finished, extrusions, forgings or castings and near-net shape blanks in CNC turning centers and multitasking machines.

Multi-Mini Rhinobar Adds Multi-Diameter Stock Versatility
Lexair’s Multi Mini Rhinobar bar feeder makes multi-diameter barstock processing faster and easier with a feed tube cartridge that automatically centers and feeds three sizes of small-diameter barstock to Swiss-type CNC screw machines and sliding-head lathes.

Lexair Mini Rhinobar bar feeder

Bar Feeder Centers Barstock with Hydrodynamic Principle
Lexair’s Mini Rhinobar bar feeder automatically centers and feeds small-diameter barstock for Swiss-type CNC screw machines and small fixed- or sliding-head lathes.

Lexair Named North American Distributor for Breuning IRCO
Lexair has been named the exclusive distributor of Breuning IRCO bar-feed loading and unloading systems in North America.

Mini Rhinobar Bar Feeder Puts a Charge into Small-Stock Production
Lexair’s Mini Rhinobar bar feeder automatically centers and feeds small-diameter barstock to maximize the productivity of Swiss-type CNC screw machines and small fixed or sliding head lathes.

Collet Closers Use Collet Heads
The low-profile stationary collet closer uses quick-change vulcanized collet heads.

Bar Feeder Designed To Minimize Noise
Helpful for high speed, small-stock applications in which quick feed tube change-over is necessary, the Lexair Mini-Rhinobar is engineered for Swiss-Type CNC screw machines and small, fixed-head CNC lathes. The single-tube hydrodynamic bar feeder is compatible with stainless steel, titanium, platinum and MP35N materials. It can be employed to produce parts varying from plates and bone screws, to critical components for pacemakers, defibrillators and dental implants.

Wrench-Operated Collet Chucks
Lexair's wrench-operated collet chucks feature universal flat back design and can be used for any application, including workholding on lathes, mills and grinders. They can be operated manually with a standard chuck key and do not require a drawbar or cylinder. Concentricity is adjustable for optimum accuracy, and these chucks are designed for use on hybrid CNC/manual lathes.

Collet Chuck Increases Productivity
The ProDyne fixed length collet chuck features a quick-change, quarter-turn collar system that is said to allow setup changes to be performed in seconds, with no loss in accuracy. Its small size eliminates virtually all tool interference problems and allows machines to run at higher spindle speeds, improving productivity and throughput. The collet chuck is compatible with machines using an A-4, A-5, A-6 or A-8 spindle nose and can be mounted using the machine's existing drawtube and actuator.

Redesigned Bar Feeder Prevents Whip
The new Rhinobar bar feeder has all of the classic features of the Mini Rhinobar, now on a larger scale. This new addition features redesigned pedestals and barrel clamps.  These new features will make the machine more stable to prevent any whip or spin of the bar.

Bar Feed And Workholding Products
- Summarizes and describes Lexair's machine tool accessories for workholding and bar feed applications- Features collet workholding for small part workholding applications, collet chucks and the Mini Rhinobar bar feed.

Cleaning And Tool Cooling Products
- Offers solutions to common industrial cleaning, cooling, conveying, drying, blowoff and static electricity problems- Now includes a two-way drum pump, the Cold Gun for machining without coolant, Chip Vac for cleaning machines and the Super Air Amplifier for exhausting smoke- Detailed technical explanations, performance data, application photos and dimensional drawings are provided for each product, including a price list.

Single bar feeder

What Is The Best Bar Feed System For Production Turning?
Selecting the right bar feeder can be one of the most important decisions a shop can make. Bar feed systems help improve productivity, throughput and quality, but in order to achieve the most benefit from them it is essential that a bar feed system be matched to the particular needs of the turning operation.

Lexair MiniRhinobar bar feeds

Bar Feeder System Raises Throughput For Medical Machining
This manufacturer, a provider of manufacturing services and supply chain management solutions to the medical device industry, has a long history of producing small, intricately machined components.

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High Pressure Hydraulic Tri-Grip
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ProDyne Servo
Standard Rhinobar
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