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Dimensional Measurement & Geometric Inspection

Marposs offers a wide range of standard components and dedicated solutions designed for dimensional measurement and inspection of geometric characteristics of both incoming and production parts.

Measurement & Process Control Solutions for the Shop Floor

Marposs measurement and process control solutions are designed to survive and function reliably on the shop floor.

Monitoring Solutions

Machine and process monitoring have become critical technologies in the ongoing quest to optimize performance, improve quality and reduce the cost of machining processes.

Quality Solutions for the Shop Floor

Marposs is the world’s leading supplier of precision metrology equipment for improving productivity and reducing costs in manufacturing.

As Seen In Production Machining

Electrical gauge actuators

Gauging Solutions for Grinders are Electric-Actuated
Marposs’ electrical gauge actuators are gauging solutions for grinding machines that provide control of the process as well as reducing maintenance time and costs.

Touch Probe.

Marposs to Feature High Precision Piezo Probing Line
At WESTEC 2017 Marposs Corp. will showcase its Mida Diamond touch probes featuring piezo-electric technology and designed for five-axes machining centers and milling machines.

Choosing the Right Toolsetting and Detection Technologies
Investing the time to invest in the right machines can mean the difference between a profitable operation and an ongoing headache.

Portable, Wireless Gage Offers Integrated Computer and Display
Marposs Corp.’s iWave2 wireless manual gage features a durable, ergonomically designed handle with rechargeable Li-ion battery that incorporates a computer with a 1.8” TFT color screen for displaying the measurement value in the operator’s hand.

Marposs Mida VTS.

Visual Tool Setter for Small-Diameter Holes
The Marposs Mida visual tool setter (VTS) is designed to measure and verify small-diameter cutting tools with micron accuracy.

Marposs ARtis CTM-V5 system

In-Process Monitoring System Improves Part Quality
Marposs offers the Artis CTM-V5 system with DDU-4 torque and feed-force sensor for identifying tool breakage and worn tools.

Measuring 50 Years
Marposs Corp., a supplier of precision metrology equipment, commemorated the 50th anniversary of its founding in North America earlier this spring.

Compact Gage Computer
The Nemo ultra-compact gage computer, which is designed for use on the shop floor, has intuitive features that enable quick and simple programming of measurement applications.

Non-Contact Tool Verification System
Marposs Corp. 's Mida Laser 75P non-contact programmable tool setting system is able to be adapted to the tool type under verification to the same rotation speed as used during machining and to the desired measuring cycle.

P7 multifunction amplifier

Process Control Solutions For High-Presision Parts Manufacturing--Marposs
Marposs' pre-process and in-process gauges are available that are integrated using a single P7 multifunction amplifier. The unit is availab in several configurations including a modular design that can be embedded inside the machine's control.

Mida Wireless Intuitive Probing System

Wireless Intuitive Probing System--Marposs Corp.
The Mida Wireless Intuitive Probing System was designed for use with Haas CNC machining centers by Marposs Corp. The system is designed to simplify programming and execution of machine tool probing routines. The kit, which is available as a factory installed option from Haas Automation, includes a spindle probe and a wireless contact toolsetter that can be used to quickly set tool length and diameter.

Marposs V25 Series Optoquck Set system

Compact Optical Measuring System
The V25 Series Optoquck Set system, which provides a measuring range as much as 94 mm in diameter, offers a high level of flexibility for non-contact inspection of a range of parts using shadow casting optoelectric measuring technology. The manually loaded bench can be used for dynamic inter-operational and final inspection of parts with lengths of as much as 250 mm, with maximum flywheel dimensions of 160 mm. The unit provides the capacity to measure diameters, roundness, taper, distance, widths, grooves, TIR, angle, chamfers and intersecting points.     .

In-Process Gage For Micro Components Grinding
Marposs Corp. 's NanoUnimar gage head for in-process grinder control is designed to suit the trend for smaller grinding machines. Its submicron accuracy and stability are the main features in providing a gage when space is restricted and micro components are being ground.

Optical Transmission System For Touch Probes
The Mida E83 probing system with optical transmission for CNC machining centers and milling machines enables 360-degree data transmission and eliminates the need for line-of-sight mounting of transmitter and receiver. The E83WA (wide angle) transmitter may be used in multi-spindle applications. The Mida E83 system transmits measuring data from the spindle-mounted touch probe to the machine tool CNC using an infrared signal.

Electronic Bore Gage
The M1 Star EBG bore gage is designed for precision measuring of inside diameter, ovality and taper, and it provides 0. 5 micron repeatability over a measuring range from 3 to 300 mm. The gage incorporates a wear-free measuring transducer that provides excellent metrological performance while providing high reliability and durability.

Accomplish Precise, On-Machine Inspection
Combined with Mida touch probes, Marposs Corp. ’s 3D Shape Inspector software carries out precise, on-machine inspections. In addition to checking the part shape and its dimensions, the program allows for immediate reworking of out-of-tolerance measurements.

Process Monitoring System With Efficiency Improvements
Marposs' tool and process monitoring system provides continuous monitoring of metalworking processes through several types of sensors--static and dynamic force, vibration, power, temperature and more. The system's sensors and interfaces enable constant control of various machine functions, thus allowing cycle optimization and the reduction of scrap and machine downtime. The system consists of five products for different monitoring purposes and applications.

Product Categories of Marposs Corp.

Communications Networks, & Data Transmission Equipment
Data Collection Devices for Gaging, SPC, etc.
Gages - Digital
Gages - Mechanical
Gear Inspection
Gear Inspection Equipment
Grinding Attachments & Accessories
Grinding Wheel Dressing Units
Laser Measurement Systems
Leak Testing Equipment
Machine Monitoring Systems
Maintenance & Repair
Material Testing & Analysis Equipment
On-Machine Probes
Probes, Electromechanical
Replacement Parts/Repair Parts
Retrofitting, Rebuilding, Remanufacturing Services
Roundness Measuring Equipment
Statistical Data Collection & Analysis Software
Tool Condition Monitoring Systems

Trade Names

AMA, advanced measuring armset
Artis Brankamp machine monitoring
BLU one cable control network
DigiCrown digital measuring network
E9066 industrial computer
Easy Box, interface box
EddyFlex NDT testing
Fenar grinder gauge head
Gage Box modular data acquisition system
iWave2 wireless handle
Laser 75P tool verification system
M1 Star EBG (Electronic Bore Gauge)
M1 Wave wireless bore gauge
M1Star MBG (Mechanical Bore Gauge)
M2 Wave Wireless Electronic Snap Gauge
M3 Star Slim Snap Gauge
Merlin gauge computer
Merlin Mobile wrist-mounted Gauge Computer
Mida Diamond
Mida OGP70 optical spindle probe
Mida ORI optical receiver
Mida Probes
Mida WRS (World Radio System)
Nemo compact gauge computer
Optoquick Set optoelectronic gauge
Quick Block universal measuring armset
Quick Read microcolumn measurement display
Quick Set retoolable gauge system for shafts
Quick Snap retoolable manual snap gauge
Quick SPC statistical process control software
Red Crown pencil probe
Unimar in process grinder gauge