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Machine Tool Division

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Company Profile

Murata Machinery USA, Inc. is a subsidiary of Murata Machinery Ltd., Kyoto, Japan.

Reliability By Design Is Built into each Muratec Machine

Murata Machinery USA, Inc.'s Machine Tool Division offers innovative Turning and Fabrication machines and automation options to speed production under the Muratec brand.

As Seen In Production Machining

Jeff Tyl headshot

Murata Machinery Hires New Sales Manager
Jeff Tyl has more than 15 years of sales management experience with the last 12 years of his career managing fabrication opportunities for OEMs and structural steel projects in the southeastern U.S.

Murata machine

MW120II Turning Center Enables Fast Automation
Murata Machinery’s MW120II twin-spindle turning center features a high-speed, lightweight gantry loader, which enables rapid traverse speeds in the X, Y and Z axes.

Muratec turning machine

MW35 Turning Center Reduces Cycle Times
With a spindle speed range of 6,000 rpm and 3.7 kW drive motor, the machine can deliver parts in less than 3 seconds, according to the company.

Turning Center Reduces Idle Time
Murata Machinery's MW120II turning center features a high-speed, lightweight gantry loader that offers rapid traverse speeds in the X, Y and Z axes.

Precision Tooling Catalog Details Tool Line
Heimatec has a range of live tools, with more than 40,000 designs in its database. In addition to live tooling, Heimatec’s 24-page catalog also features the U-tec changing system, HT Quick Change, angle heads, multiple spindles and static tools.

Twin Spindle CNC Turning Center Redesigned
The MW120GTEX Twin Spindle CNC lathe is the MW120GTEX is a high-accuracy redesign of one of Muratec’s most popular machines, the MW120GT twin spindle CNC turning center, the company says.

Murata Machinery USA Celebrates 40 Years in Business
This year, Murata Machinery USA Inc. is celebrating its 40th year in business.

The ML400L Shaft Turning Machine with Twin Upper and Lower Turrets
Murata Machinery USA Inc.’s ML400L shaft turning machine is a longer version of Muratec’s ML400.

Turning Machines

Turning Machines Feature Spindles Supporting Tight Requirements
Murata Machinery introduces two Muratec turning machines, the MW80GT and MW120GTEX, as well as a redesigned version of its ML400 machine, the ML400L.

Twin-Spindle Chucker for Precise Small Parts
Available from Murata Machinery USA, the MW40 twin-spindle CNC chucker is designed to automate production of small, precision parts.

Turning Machine from Murata Turns Up Productivity and Accuracy
With its twin-spindle, twin-gantry automation, Murata Machinery USA’s MW50GT turning machine increases productivity and accuracy while reducing cycle time in a compact footprint.

Multitasking, Twin-Spindle Turning Machine
The MT200G/T3, a multitasking, twin-spindle turning machine with three turrets and gantry loader, is designed for facilities running complex parts and various part types on one machine.

Product Categories of Murata Machinery USA, Inc.

Automated Pallet Systems
Automated System & Cells for Material Forming & Fabricating
Laser Cutting Systems
Laser Marking Systems
Punch Press/Laser (or Plasma), CNC Combination
Punch Presses, CNC Turret
Turn/Mill Machines, CNC
Turning Centers, Horizontal, CNC
Turning Centers, Twin-Spindle/Multi-Turret

Trade Names

Centrum Series
FFG1250 Automated Material Handling
FG Automated Material Handling
FG Tower Series Automated Loaders
FS Series Automated Loaders
FS Tower Series Automated Loaders
LS3015FC Fiber Laser
MD Series
MJ Series
ML 400
Motorum Series
MS Series
MT Series
MW Series
Vectrum Plasma Series
Vectrum Series