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Laser Calibration and Volumetric Error Compensation
 The MCV-5002 is a laser calibration package for the calibration and 3D volumetric error compensation of CNC machine tools, CMMs, and large, five-axis gantry-type machines for the aerospace industry.

schematic shows the sequential step diagonal displacement measurement

Volumetric Measurement For Practical Positioning Accuracy
Using a conventional laser interferometer to measure the straightness and squareness errors can be difficult and costly. The process can require days of machine downtime, even with an experienced operator performing the measurements. To address the need for faster, more accurate machine calibration, Optodyne, Inc. (Compton, California) has developed a laser vector measurement technique for the 3D volumetric positioning error measurement.

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Calibration Equipment
Digital Readout (DRO) Units
Flatness Measuring Equipment
Laser Measurement Systems
Plant Maintenance and Repair Equipment
Surface Plates

Trade Names

Doppler Displacement Meter
Laser Ballbar
Sequential Step Diagonal Technique
Vector Technique