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PMPA Technical Member PartMaker Inc. Finds Success through Pioneering CAM Software and Excellence in Applications Support
While the lack of horsepower in the turn-mill machines of the mid-90s made them too primitive for PartMaker’s software at the time, the company recognized an underserved niche in CAM software for Swiss-type lathes.

Good News for Swiss-Type Shops
The latest PartMaker release features enhanced cloud connectivity and a host of new technologies that will be of particular interest to Swiss-type shops.

The Digital Driven Machine Shop of the Future
How CAM software, the cloud and the Internet of Things are converging to change the way our industry is doing business.

PartMaker 2016 Includes Support for Broaching
Highlights of PartMaker 2016 include new 2 ½ axis milling machining strategies, support for the import of multiple solid models into a single PartMaker CAM project file, specialist support for broaching, fast 2D CAD drafting and toolpath selection, and much more.

PartMaker Version 2015 Software for B Axis and Swiss-Type
PartMaker Inc., a division of Delcam, offers its latest version of software for programming CNC mills, lathes, wire EDMs, turn-mill centers and Swiss-type lathes.  The software supports the B-axis equipped turn-mill centers and Swiss-type lathes.

Delcam Introduces PartMaker Mobile App
PartMaker Inc., a division of Autodesk’s Delcam unit, has launched a mobile app for smartphones and tablets, allowing users to stay abreast of the latest information on PartMaker, including training dates and training videos on-line.

Partmaker 2015

Postprocessing Software Improves Support for VMTs
PartMaker Inc., a division of Delcam Plc., demonstrates its PartMaker 2015 software for programming CNC mills, lathes, wire EDMs, turn-mill centers and Swiss-type lathes.

PartMaker version 2015

CAM Software Enables Multi-Axis CNC Programming
PartMaker Inc., a division of Delcam, will demonstrate its PartMaker software for programming CNC mills, lathes, wire EDMs, turn-mill centers and Swiss-type lathes.

Delcam Extends Support for Multitasking Machines in PartMaker 2015
Delcam has released PartMaker 2015, the latest version of its PartMaker CAM software for programming CNC mills, lathes, wire EDM equipment, turn-mill centers and Swiss-type lathes.

Webinar Explains Vortex Machining in PartMaker
If you are interested in reducing your machining times by as much as 60 percent, maximizing the life of your cutting tools and maintaining optimum cutting conditions throughout your tool paths, participate in PartMaker’s webinar.

Multitasking Goes Vertical
This article looks at part processing and CNC programming considerations for vertical multitasking applications.

Partmaker 2015

Updated CAD/CAM Software Supports Turn-Mill and Multitasking Machines
Partmaker Inc., a division of Delcam Plc., will introduce Version 2015 of its CAD/CAM software featuring updated support for turn-mill machines and multitasking machines.

Getting Together
In the July issue of PM, I asked PartMaker president and longtime friend, Hanan Fishman, to give his take on the new relationship.

PartMaker Modelling 2014 Allows Creating a 3D Solid Model from Scratch
PartMaker Inc., a division of Autodesk’s Delcam unit, has released PartMaker Modeling 2014.  PartMaker Modeling is a 3D CAD for CAM application that provides users the ability to create 3D solid models from scratch as well as repair and modify 3D engineering data of any origin.


Shop Opts for Choice in Swiss Machines
Precision CNC (Lancaster, Ohio) is a traditional machine shop that has moved into Swiss machining. From the beginning of its Swiss operation, it has used “combination” machines in its stable of Swiss-types, which offer machining capability with or without a guide bushing. Here’s how and why it uses them.


High Mix, Low Volume Shop Redefines Throughput for Aerospace Parts
Many shops struggle with trial and error, but some companies are lucky enough to discover what works best for their application the first time around.

User Group Meetings Launch New Software Version
If you are interested in learning about the latest PartMaker CAM suite, PartMaker 2014, consider attending one of Delcam’s PartMaker Inc. Division’s User Group Meetings around the country to launch the new software version.


PartMaker Version 2014 Features New and Innovative Technology
Delcam’s PartMaker Inc. division has released PartMaker 2014, which marks the introduction of Delcam’s Vortex high-efficiency strategy for area clearance into the PartMaker CAM suite.


Autodesk Announces Intention to Acquire Delcam
Autodesk has announced its intention to acquire Delcam, a supplier of advanced software for the manufacturing industry.

PartMaker 2013 R2

Updated Software Enables Multi-Axis Surface Machining
PartMaker, a division of Delcam Plc., will demonstrate the PartMaker Version 2013 R2 suite of CAM software.

Product Categories of PartMaker

Software, CAD/CAM
Software, Engineering Analysis & Simulation
Software, Machinability Databases
Software, NC Program Optimization
Software, NC Verification
Software, Post Processors, Stand-Alone (Sold Independent of CAM System)
Software, Tool Design

Trade Names

Job Optimizer
PartMaker ASM
PartMaker Mill
PartMaker SwissCAM
PartMaker Turn
PartMaker Turn-Mill
PartMaker Wire EDM
PartMaker WireEDM