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PMPA Member Montague Tool and Manufacturing Finds Success in Workholding Innovation and Creativity
Innovation in milling and workholding is what Montague Tool and Manufacturing does best. Before it was a 60-employee, full-service milling company capable of high-volume production across many different industries, it was a modest machine shop run by an owner with a knack for milling ingenuity.

Hitting the Target with Creative Workholding
While growth has been steady in its Swiss operations, this archery equipment supplier’s most drastic improvements have come at the hands of the workholding systems on its VMCs.

Paws Workholding 5C collet system

Hydraulic Collet Clamping System
The hydraulic clamping 5C collet system incorporates multiple-part workholding with fast, efficient clamping to maximize spindle cut time and density of parts.

Clamping System for CNC Milling Centers
The PAWS workholding system, which is designed to allow loading and unloading of parts faster for more cycles per hour, ensures consistent clamping pressure and helps to avoid crashes because of operators forgetting to tighten a clamp.

Modular Hydraulic Clamping System
The company’s modular hydraulic clamping system, especially useful for contact manufacturers or OEMs that perform CNC production milling, automates clamping on CNC mills, resulting in reduced load and unload times as well as minimizing idle spindle time.

Workholding Literature
This packet contains information on the Multi-Vise, holding either eight, 16 or 32 pieces at a time. It also includes a price list, dimensional drawings and a list of available accessories. .

ID collet fixture plate

Need Greater Machine Uptime? Load More Parts At A Time For Machining
In good times and bad, shops should constantly be on the lookout for ways to get more production from their existing equipment. Workholding methods frequently offer significant opportunities for improvement.

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