Vantage (formerly Petroferm)

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As Seen In Production Machining

Petroferm Appoints New Regional Sales Manager and Marketing Coordinator
Petroferm has hired Bill Breault as regional sales manager and Grant Zwicke as marketing coordinator.

Bio-based Cleaner is Alternative to Hazardous Solvents
Formulated as a safe replacement for trichloroethyelene (TCE), perchloroethyelene (PERC) and petroleum-based solvents, Petroferm’s Bioact 280 is a bio-based immersion cleaner for quickly dissolving masking waxes, fixturing and buffing compounds, and high-melt-point soils.


Vapor Degreasing Fluid Meets Aerospace Application Requirements
The development of environmentally safe, yet effective solvents has kept vapor degreasing at the forefront of cleaning operations for metalworking.

Solvent Cleaner Suited for Electronics Defluxing, Other Uses
Designed to operate in open-top and vacuum vapor degreasers, Petroferm’s Lenium ES solvent cleaner is well-suited for electronics defluxing applications and removing solder fluxes, pastes and ionic residues from circuit assemblies.

Petroferm Solvent Available in Pre-Saturated Wipes
Petroferm Inc.’s Axarel 1000 precision solvent is available in pre-saturated wipes designed to remove greases, hydraulic fluids, mineral oils, lubricants, coolants, synthetics and particulate matter.

Boeing Approves Lenium GS Solvent for Vapor Degreasing
Petroferm’s Lenium GS precision solvent has been approved by Boeing per its BAC 5408 Vapor Degreasing Specification (PSD 6-68).

Precision Solvent
Lenium GS precision solvent from Petroferm Inc. has been approved by Boeing per BAC 5408 vapor degreasing specification (PSD 6-68).

Aqueous Cleaner for Aircraft Composites
The Boeing Company and Spirit AeroSystems have approved Petroferm’s CleanSafe 787C aqueous cleaner for use on carbon fiber reinforced plastics.

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