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Austenitic grain size

CRAFTSMAN’S CRIBSHEET NUMBER 65: 5 Ways Coarse Austenitic Grain Size Affects Your Machine Shop
Steel has a coarse austenitic grain size, a material characteristic that is usually reported on test reports and certification documents for the steel materials machined in shops, a result of not adding grain refining elements to a heat of steel.

Nancy Peterson

Training the Next Generation: Two PMPA Members Selected for 2018 STEP Awards
Nancy Peterson, chairman and CEO of Peterson Tool, and Joan Wrenn, co-owner, Hudson Precision Products, were this year’s nominees by PMPA for the Manufacturing Institute’s 2018 STEP Awards for excellence in manufacturing.

Clarence H. Gosiger

PMPA Technical Member Gosiger High Volume Finds Success in Customer Support and Offering a Niche Product Line
More than 90 years ago, Clarence H. Gosiger founded the C. H. Gosiger Machinery Company in Dayton, Ohio. Today, the business is still family owned and has evolved to become a leading supplier and servicer of CNC machines and manufacturing technology. 

Human Performance System

When Things Go Bad, Don’t Ask Who, Ask ...
The performer is only one aspect of our system of providing products to our customers.

Aerospace Industry Veterans See Supplier Consolidation Trend
The special coverage article “Aerospace Roundup: Are OEMs Consolidating Suppliers” features interviews with six industry veterans. They explain capabilities they are adding to stay competitive and retain customers.


CRAFTSMAN’S CRIBSHEET NUMBER 64: Leaded Steels: What You Should Know
Lead is not banned by the European Union’s “End of Life Vehicles Regulations” for machining purposes in steel, aluminum and brass.

Disruptive technologies

Training the Next Generation: For Those Too Busy for Customer Relationships, There’s An App for That, But …
Some of the fastest-growing disruptive technologies we see these days are online, cloud-based parts sales brokerage companies.

Bill Cox

PMPA Member Cox Manufacturing Finds Success in Product Innovation, Serving a Diverse Clientele
Long before he bought the machine that laid the foundation for Cox Manufacturing Co., William Cox, Sr. worked on airplanes for the United States military.

Lead bars

Letter to My Son About Lead in Machining
Hi, Son, Thanks for asking about whether or not lead is a hazardous material.


CRAFTSMAN’S CRIBSHEET NUMBER 63: A Primer on Wear in Our Shops
There are three main kinds of wear, and these each have some common modes of occurrence.

PMPA’s National Technical Conference
Tomorrow is Today – Conquering the Skills Challenge April 21-24 * Crowne Plaza – Chicago O’Hare * Rosemont, Illinois


Training the Next Generation: Why it is Important to Build Effective Teams
Effective teams are an integral part to every company’s success.

Shop floor

PMPA Member Prime Engineered Components Finds Success in Employee Training and Diverse Capabilities
A little more than 50 years ago in Watertown, Connecticut, Prime Engineered Components was only a handful of screw machines in a garage, making munitions for the Vietnam War efforts.


Effective Associating in a Changing World
It’s no argument that our world is changing.


PMPA’s Business Trends Report has been reporting an eight percent or more increase in the level of sales and shipments for our industry in 2017.

2018 PMPA National Technical Conference
The 2018 PMPA National Technical Conference will be April 21-24 at the Crowne Plaza – Chicago O’Hare in Rosemont, Illinois.


Training the Next Generation: How Do We Make Training Work?
Creating cohesive training that is both relevant and significant is a challenge that everyone in the training and development world faces.

CJWinter employees

PMPA Member CJWinter Finds Success in Superior Customer Service and Quick Turnaround Times
Although initially focused on the manufacturing of tooling and accessories for Davenport screw machines, today CJWinter is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of cold-displacement, cylindrical dies and attachments.


What Does the Customer Expect of the Salesperson?
Customers are the purpose of our businesses. They have the needs that we fill. They are the judge of the quality of our offerings. What does the customer expect of our salespeople?

Top 10 OSHA Safety Violations in 2017 bar graph

Top 10 OSHA Violations in 2017
Here are the top ten violations, along with the number of citations.

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