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As Seen In Production Machining

PMPA Tech Talks—Listen, Discover and Connect
PMPA Tech Talks cover important topics such as operations, benchmarking, metallurgy and digital security. 

Workforce Development—Training Shows How
To expand on his “Workforce Development—What We Can Do Better” article, Miles Free explains the Who, What, Where, When, Why, How and How Many of one of the four upskilling tools—training.   

R.F. Mau Uses Conservative Approach to Grow
Brian Adams, fourth-generation president of R.F. Mau, and vice president/general manager, Tony Gemignani, discuss the past, present and future of the company.

Meet the New PMPA President, Victor DaCruz
In October 2019, at the Annual Meeting held at the Bellagio in Las Vegas, the PMPA installed its new president, Victor DaCruz of DACRUZ Manufacturing. Victor is eager to continue the hard work of outgoing president, Mike Reader, of Precision Plus Inc.   

Are You Turning the Lights Out on Profitability?
If you are a shop with a lightly attended program or lights out, you need to hear this lesson because it will help you keep your business profitable and not let the market steal your value.  

Robotic Advantage Adapts to Customer Needs
New England Tool in Manchester, Connecticut, has developed Robotic Advantage to provide customers with automated systems that integrate seamlessly.

PMPA in Las Vegas
PMPA held its Annual Meeting at the Bellagio Resort & Casino in Las Vegas. The Annual Meeting is well attended with exciting speakers and a celebration of the year.

Workforce Development: What We Can Do Better
The causes of our workforce issues may be out of our hands, but there are definitely steps we can take to improve our shop’s response to the issue.

Expanding Offerings with Max-Bar Tooling
Somma Tool Co. has a history of taking advantage of opportunities to help the business thrive. Recently, Somma Tool found a way to expand its product line, and market, by acquiring the Max-Bar Tool Co. 

PMPA Next Generation Committee at Hardinge Inc.

Decision by Committee Works at PMPA
Some committees can be a waste of time, but at PMPA, the committees are populated with dedicated PMPA members and staff who work hard to improve the precision machining industry. 

white board with writing on shop floor

Continuous Improvement Powered by Commitment and Process
What would you do with a reduction of 64% in non-billable hours? PMPA visited Sepco-Erie in Erie, Pennsylvania, twice and witnessed the results of commitment to continuous improvement. 

Emerging Leader Graham Immerman Leads with Passion
By displaying passion and empathy, the MachineMetrics marketing director is able to communicate the ideas of Industry 4.0 in an easy-to-understand and inspiring way.

Craftsman's Cribsheet: OSHA 2019 Top 5 Violations
Here are the five most frequent violations applicable to our General Industry precision machining shops, as presented at the NSC 2019 conference.

Blu Balls coolant nozzle

Lean Thinking Results with 'Blu Balls' Coolant Nozzle
Although Lean thinking often results with an elimination of a step or waste, Bill Hovey, owner of Telemark CNC LLC, used lean thinking to develop a new coolant nozzle. 

chart shows reductions in cold drawing

Where Steel Properties Come From
The properties of the steel materials we machine in our shops are the result of a complex interplay between chemical composition, developed by hot and cold work, and further controlled by various thermal treatments to develop microstructures.

Rapid Methods for Determining the Weight of a Steel Bar (Imperial Units)
Counting bars in a bundle and multiplying by weight per bar allows a quick “reality check” on whether or not the tag weight is correct, or how much weight is left in the rack.

Dan Ignasiak

Improvement Starts in the Men’s Room
Dan Ignasiak, owner of Sepco-Erie in Erie, Pennsylvania, wanted to improve the productivity and efficiency of his shop, so he started with the men’s room and implemented processes and a new way of thinking. 

Horn's 312 insert

4 Questions for Customer Delight
Operational excellence, product leadership, customer intimacy—one of these rules them all. Miles Free visited PMPA member, Horn, at its headquarters in Germany and returned home with four questions that can be used to determine customer delight.

PMPA ListServes are Power: A Peek Behind the Scenes at PMPA
Carli explores the power behind PMPA ListServes that provide answers,  recommendations and solutions through a peer-to-peer email network. 

Tanya DiSalvo and coworker

Failure is Not an Option at Criterion
Founded in 1953 by Mike Ondercin as a general machine shop, third-generation owner, Tanya DiSalvo, shares how Criterion Tool and Die in Brookpark, Ohio, continuously improves in “no failure” industries.  

Emerging Leader Kyle Zabrensky Embraces Customer Service
The inventory/fulfillment manager goes above and beyond for customers and takes initiative to improve and streamline processes.

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