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Absolute Machine Tools

Indiana/Southern Ohio PMPA Chapter Holds Burr Prevention Event
The free session will include a presentation by Greg Knight and Phillip Judt of Absolute Machine Tools on how to prevent burrs on cam and CNC machines.

Three people holding award plaque.

Absolute Machine Tools Wins PMPA Award
This award recognizes suppliers who share their expertise and latest developments at national technical conferences, exhibit at the association’s Precision Machining Technology Show, speak at chapter and national meetings and serve as PMPA leaders. 

Steel material

Understanding Steel Material Specifications on New Jobs
An important aspects of quoting and running a new job is understanding the specifications of the material to be machined.

Cleveland Ohio skyline

Technical Conference and PMTS Come to Cleveland
It’s not too early to start planning for the industry’s best show!

A Quick Guide to the Chemical Elements Found in Steel
This guide gives the common chemical elements found in steel, how they affect steel properties and the machining process.

Peter McGuire

PMPA Member Lovejoy Chaplet Corp. Finds Success in Providing Unique Product Offerings
Lovejoy still relies on PMPA for its local and national meetings, as well as the online information made available through listserves and the association’s databases.

Slow down sign

Change in Demand: Time to Change Your Thinking
According to our analysis of the PMPA Business Trends Sales Index, the demand for our products has shifted steadily upwards in the market.

A Glossary of Basic Gaging Terminology
Many people confuse accuracy for precision.

Absolute Machine Tools headquarters

PMPA Technical Member Absolute Machine Tools Finds Success in its Flexible and Innovative Product Line
In 1988, best friends Steve Ortner and Hayden Wellman founded Absolute Machine Tools.

A team of leaders

5 Keys to Being a Positive and Effective Team Lead
Many people worry about the differences between being a leader and being a manager.

Freight truck

Truckload Shipping 101
According to Morgan Stanley Research commissioned by the American Trucking Association, the truckload market is $630 billion annually or 75 percent of the total domestic freight transportation market by revenue.

Ritz-Carlton Grande Lakes

PMPA’s 2018 Annual Meeting: Strategies for Success
In lieu of the usual Member Profile, PMPA would like to take the opportunity this month to talk about an important event that is sure to be relevant to all of its members, the PMPA Annual Meeting.

Machinery's Handbook

Letter to a New Machinist
Machinists are the people who make things, and when you think about it, our lives today would be miserable without the things that machinists make.

Making Chips

The Fundamentals of Chip Control
Having strategies in place for managing chips is an important part of protecting the production process, from tool life to product quality.

Bag of water

Craftman's Cribsheet Number 68: Ten Important Things to Know Before Working as a CNC Machinist
The machinist is a bag of water, and the tools and workpieces are harder and sharper.


Making the Most of a Trade Show Visit
The International Manufacturing Technology Show (IMTS) 2018 is set to take over Chicago’s McCormick Place from Sept. 10-15.

Shop floor

PMPA Member Ashley Ward Finds Success in Equipment Investment and Vertical Integration
Established more than a century ago, Ashley Ward Inc. has become one of the United States’ largest companies in the screw machine industry, with five locations across the country.

Robot arm and car

Seduction or Intention: Choosing Your Time Wisely at IMTS
PMPA’s latest “Business Trends Report” shows that shops are busy working overtime and juggling their schedules to produce the almost unprecedented demand for components from our customers.

17-4 PH stainless steel

CRAFTSMAN’S CRIBSHEET NUMBER 67: Dimensional Contraction of 17-4 PH Stainless Steel
The mechanical properties of 17-4 PH must be fully developed by age hardening from Condition A in order to reduce risk of failure and to take full advantage of the material’s capabilities. 17-4 PH is a martensitic precipitation hardening (age hardening) stainless steel that can provide both high strength and excellent corrosion resistance.

Truckload Rate Quotes Available Through PartnerShip
PartnerShip, the company that manages the PMPA Shipping Program, offers competitive rates on full and partial truckload shipments to all PMPA members!

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