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Cleaning Technologies Group Hires New Chemical Sales Manager
Jared Moore joined Cleaning Technologies Group in March as a chemical sales manager.

The Aquarius Series multi-tank ultrasonic cleaning system

IMTS Cleaning Exhibits Emphasize Trends
This year, some parts cleaning exhibitors say the biggest trends they are experiencing include more automated equipment, the need for precision cleaning for smaller particle counts than in the past and growing demands for using more green and neutral-based cleaners. 


Rotosonic Combines Parts Cleaning Processes
Rotosonic cleans heavily soiled parts in a single machine, rather than purchasing a spray cabinet and an ultrasonic machine separately.

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Guide Helps Plan for Cleaning Equipment
Cleaning Technologies Group, LLC’s new guide, titled “Planning for New Cleaning Equipment,” was written for beginners to the world of parts washing and ultrasonic cleaning.

Simplifying Aqueous Cleaning Decisions
The four basic methods for performing water-based cleaning operations in metalworking are outlined and described in this article, “Choosing the Right Aqueous Cleaning Operation.”

Mega Jet Pressure Blast

Mega Jet Pressure Blast for Heavy Parts
Ransohoff has introduced its Mega Jet Pressure Blast, an economical manual high-pressure spray washer for large, heavy parts where floor space comes at a premium. 

PROHT Ultrasonic Cleaning Tank

PROHT Ultrasonic Cleaning Tanks Extend Transducer Life
The PROHT ultrasonic cleaning tanks powered by 2K Platform Neptune, SweepSonic, and MultiSonic ultrasonic generators.

LeanDrum CF washer

LeanDrum CF Washer Accommodates High-Volume Needs
LeanDrum CF Washer provides an energy efficient, reliable solution for high-volume cleaning needs and cold forming applications.

Choosing the Right Aqueous Cleaning Operation
For most machining processes, water-based solutions can be applied using tailored technologies for specific applications.

Cleaning Technologies Group Names President of Blackstone-Ney Ultrasonics
Eric Kenney is now responsible for all operations at the Jamestown, New York, location.

CTG Promotes Chris Whittaker
Chris Whittaker has been promoted to V.P. business development and marketing. Mr. Whittaker formerly served as V.P. of sales and marketing.

LeanDrum Eco Washer

LeanDrum Eco Washer for High Volume Applications
The washer features a robust, low-cost option using stainless steel tanks, drum and housing, premium electrical components, full immersion cleaning system and forced air dryer technology to produce consistently high quality cleaning results over an extended machine life.

Innovative Workshop Focuses on Parts Cleaning in a Lean Operation
Learn how lean manufacturing practices have been applied to a major manufacturer’s parts cleaning process, increasing efficiencies and decreasing downtime.

Ransohoff Offers Standard Warranty Program
This “Best in Class Warranty” extends warranty coverage to 3 years on welding and workmanship; 2 years on the pump delivery system; and 1 year on all other items.

Recycling System Offers Advanced Controls
The WasteWizard system is a highly automated, low-maintenance point-of-use solution designed for the factory floor, featuring a process to filter and collect the soluble waste contaminates while purifying valuable components that can be reused.

Ransobotic Washer Offers Speed, Precision and Efficiency
The Ransobotic Washer comes in both standard TT-180 and high-pressure TT-180-HP models to meet a range of cleaning requirements.

Triple Action Batch Cleaning System for Challenging Parts
Cleaning Technologies Group offers the LeanJet RB-1 cleaning System that uses a washing and rinsing process of agitation, spray impingement, hydraulic purging through immersion and rotation, ultrasonics, and heated blow-off drying.

Modular, Multi-tank Cleaning System Provides Flexible Configuration
Blackstone-NEY Ultrasonics, a division of Cleaning Technologies Group, offers its plug-and-play Modular Aquarius multi-tank cleaning system.

Cleaning Technologies Group Promotes Jeff Mills to Ransohoff National Sales Manager
Cleaning Technologies Group has promoted Jeff Mills to the position of Ransohoff national sales manager. In his new role, Mr.

Cleaning Equipment Manufacturer Receives Crystal Award for Excellence
Barney Bosse, CEO of Cleaning Technologies Group, accepted the Crystal Award for Excellence from Ohio’s Edison Technology Centers on March 27.

Cleaning Technologies Group, LLC Receives Crystal Award for Excellence
Barney Bosse, CEO of Cleaning Technologies Group, accepted the Crystal Award for Excellence from Ohio’s Edison Technology Centers on March 27.

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