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Indianapolis, IN 46268 US


As Seen In Production Machining

Rego-Fix Accepts Bitcoin
Rego-Fix extends its forward-thinking business practices beyond just products to its customer relationships.

PowRgrip Accessories Control Chip Removal
Rego-Fix introduced several additions and accessories to its toolholding line.

head shot of Pascal Forrer

New Global Sales and Marketing Director
Pascal Forrer has joined Rego-Fix’s Tenniken, Switzerland-based management team as its new global sales and marketing director.

Toolholders and collets

PowRgrip Clamping System Ensures Long Tool Life
Rego-Fix’s PowRgrip clamping system is comprised of PG toolholders and clamping collets for use in a manual or automatic mini-press that may match or exceed the clamping forces of shrink-fit holders.

Quick-Change Starts with the Lock Nut
TOMZ is a Connecticut shop that has begun using a new lock nut wrench and is enjoying its benefits on the shop floor where its operators are wearing significantly fewer bandages on their hands.

Rego-Fix facility

Wurster Construction Honored with ABC Award
The Associated Builders and Contractors of Indiana/Kentucky (ABC) honored Wurster Construction at the Merit Shop Construction Awards Gala on September 28th for its work on the Rego-Fix Tool Corp. facility. 

The 'Unfriendly Confines' of Swiss Machines
Read an article about a shop that has implemented an ER collet wrench extension. The extension eliminates slippage and keeps the operator’s fingers out of harm’s way.

Rego-Fix Opens New Facility
Twice the size of the company’s previous location in Indianapolis, the new facility enables the company to double sales, distribution and support services under one roof as growth demands.

Rego-Fix Opens New Facility in Indiana
Rego-Fix Tool Corp. recently celebrated the opening of its new 20,000-square-foot North American Headquarters in Whitestown, Indiana.

Rego-Fix Through-Coolant System for Swiss-Type Machines
Like its companion system, the reCool RCR/ERM converts existing flood-cooled driven tools with ERM mini threads to through-tool-coolant capable in two minutes.

PGU 9500 Automatic Clamping Unit Saves Energy
The unit has less moving parts and incorporates long-lasting, durable proximity switches as well as other design changes that boost reliability and longevity as well as energy savings.


Through-Coolant for Swiss Machines
This system allows shops to quickly transform the standard external-coolant live tooling heads on their turning machine turrets into those with through-tool-coolant capability.

Rego-Fix Breaks Ground for New Facility
The precision tooling solution provider conducted a groundbreaking ceremony for its new North American Headquarters in Whitestown, Indiana, on July 19.

Rego-Fix Breaks Ground for New Facility
The new facility will allow Rego-Fix to further strengthen its overall customer support with faster response times and increased available inventory as well as provide room for future growth, the company says.

Locking Nut Improves Tool Change-Outs
This company can run its operations safely since it has implemented a mini-nut locking system specifically for Swiss-type automatic lathes.

Rego-Fix Adds to OEM Technical Support Team
Jeff Orleman joined the Rego-Fix OEM technical support team.

Anti-Pull Locking System for Metal Removal Applications
Rego-Fix Tool Corporation’s secuRgrip is an anti-pull system that brings tool locking to challenging metal removal applications.

Rego-Fix powRgrip Unit Built for Reliability
Rego-Fix has expanded its powRgrip line of toolholding systems with the PGU 9500 automatic clamping unit.

Rego-Fix IntRLox mini clamping nut

Clamping Nuts Prevent Tool Slippage
The slip-proof IntRLox mini clamping nuts from Rego-Fix feature a frontal milled slot on the outside diameters that mates to a corresponding wrench to prevent slippage during the tightening or loosening process.

Rego-Fix Offers Retrofit Coolant-Through System for Static Tooling
Following the success of its retrofit reCool coolant-through system for live tooling on CNC lathes, Rego-Fix has expanded the low-maintenance system to bring internal cooling capabilities to static toolholders on Swiss automatic machines, the company says.  

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