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Collets and guide bushings

Heimatec Sells Tecnicrafts' Products for Swiss Turning
Heimatec Inc. is selling collets and guide bushings from Tecnicrafts Industries that are exclusively used for Swiss turning applications.

Joe Kane Appointed as President of Strausak Inc.
The Rollomatic Group has appointed Joe Kane as president of Strausak Inc., with a focus on accelerating innovation and customer-focused applications in the precision grinding space for the cutting tool industry.

Rollomatic Adds Tool Grinding and Peel/Pinch Grinding Machine to Grinding Line-Up
The GrindSmart 529XW five-axis tool grinder with six-station wheel/nozzle changer features a synchronous grinding spindle with technology that allows high torque and better surface finishes.

Rollomatic GrindSmart 528XW tool grinder

Tool Grinder Features Wheel/Nozzle Changer
Rollomatic has expanded its series of multi-axis tool grinding and peel grinding machines with the GrindSmart 528XW five-axis CNC tool grinding machine with wheel/nozzle changer.

Rollomatic ShapeSmart NP3

Cylindrical Grinder Suits Cutting Tool Production
Rollomatic’s ShapeSmart NP3 is a single-wheel cylindrical grinder with peel and traverse-grinding capabilities, designed for manufacturing blanks in the cutting tool industry as well as precision punches and similar parts.

Rollomatic CNC tool grinding machines

CNC Tool, Peel Grinders Offered
Rollomatic will provide information on its CNC tool grinding and peel grinding machines, as well as updates to its fine laser cutting and ablation machine.

Five-Axis CNC Tool Grinder
Available with an optional robot, the five-axis 528XS is designed for regrinding, modification grinding and manufacturing of rotary cutting tools.

Software Improves Navigation For Machining Special Tools
VirtualGrind PRO is the updated version of the software VirtualGrind developed by Rolomatic for its GrindSmart series of machines. The update offers improved navigation and is especially useful for complex, special tools. It is a modular, open system that gives unlimited flexibility in tool design. Software enhanc

micro-cutting tool production

Unique Business Coincides With Unique Customers
Using Rollomatic grinding machines, as well as other grinding machines, this company manufactures micro-cutting tools ranging in size from 0.0002 inch to 0.125 inch.

Tool Grinder With Tailstock
Rollomatic has developed an automatic tailstock option for its range of six-axis tool grinding machines. The tailstock option facilitates the grinding of reamers, form tools and other tools which have to be ground between centers. In addition, this system allows automatic loading/unloading in an untended mode.

Grinding Solutions
- Rollomatic's brochure covers company facts, history, products, R&D and application, quality production and customer service- It includes color photos, organized and easy-to-read information.

Fully Hydrostatic Tool Grinding Center
The GrindSmart 6000XL is illustrated in this brochure, which discusses features such as the 3D grinding simulator, hydrostatic grinding spindle and 2,000-tool capacity robot loader. .

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