Rosink GmbH & Co. Maschinenfabrik

Bentheimer St. 207
Nordhorn, D-48529 DE


As Seen In Production Machining

Rosink (GMTA) Parts Washer Systems Offer Parts Handling for Myriad Applications
Now available from German Machine Tools of America (GMTA), the Rosink parts washer line comprises a variety of machine styles, used for degreasing, cleaning, phosphating, applying corrosion control coatings and paint stripping.

Systems Clean Long Parts
Rosink offers two systems designed for cleaning long parts.

Rosink Parts Cleaner Has Energy-Efficiency Features
The Rosink Cleaner ECO (RCE) is designed to be an energy-efficient parts cleaning machine, featuring a molded plastic lid for reduced weight and improved insulation, and a double-walled stainless steel machine housing that provides full insulation of the washing chamber and tank.

Parts Cleaning Systems
The company offers powerful and environmentally friendly solutions for aqueous part cleaning.

Product Categories of Rosink GmbH & Co. Maschinenfabrik

Cleaning & Degreasing Equipment, Aqueous
Cleaning Systems, Aqueous or CFC-free
Parts Washers, Mechanically Agitated