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Innovative Workholding Solutions CD

Innovative Workholding Solutions CD(2)
• This "Innovative Workholding Solutions" CD allows users to be informed of the company's overall designing, engineering and manufacturing capabilities to provide standard and specially designed workholding products • Contains 12 information sections, which include corporate video, services and product information, facilities and equipment, fixtures, drilling and tapping heads, fixtures catalog, customer service, chucks and more .

Combination 2/3 Jaw Chuck
Royal Machine & Tool's 18" diameter 2/3 jaw wedge-operated chuck adds versatility to the turning process by allowing both three-jaw clamping and two-jaw clamping in the same chuck. It permits clamping for round parts as well as square or rectangular parts without changing the chuck. Possible applications include workholding of irregular-shaped parts.

Live Centers With Increased Operating Life
Now a standard feature on the company's most popular live center models, the Royal Roto-Shield consists of an oversized steel coolant slinger machined into the center's rotating point, combined with a long-life, spring-loaded neoprene seal that is resistant to abrasion, high temperatures and virtually all metalworking fluids. The Roto-Shield can increase a live center's operating life by as much as 300 percent, according to manufacturer Royal. The Roto-Shield produces an increase in bearing life by deflecting coolant, protecting bearings against harmful chips, fines and dust, minimizing seal wear and maintaining grease consistency, the company says.

Workholding Fixtures And Chucks
- Brochure describes the company, it's workholding fixtures and chucks and contract machining- Featured fixtures include QVC or DVC chucks, C frame fixtures, horizontal indexing trunnion, modular fixtures, special hydraulic and manual fixtures and rotating fixtures- Featured chucks include standard power chucks, self-centering automatic index chucks, high-speed two-jaw index chucks, multi-spindle chucks, collet chucks and more.

Mist And Smoke Collectors
Royal Products' expanded line of Filtermist mist and smoke collectors designed specifically for the metalworking industry. The Filtermist is said to eliminate oil mist and smoke produced in applications such as turning, milling and grinding. Benefits to shops that equip their machines with this mist and smoke collector include a safer work environment, less machine downtime and the ability to increase production by running machines at more aggressive speeds and feeds, the company says.

Ultra-Precision Collets
Royal Products' ultra-precision ER collets are accurate to 6 microns (0. 0002") TIR. Designed specifically for the U.

Machine Tool Accessories And More
The company’s machine tool and shop accessories are shown in its 2002 catalog. Included are live and dead centers, collet closers, collets, CNC collet chucks, CNC bar pullers, deburring tools, machine mounts, shop aids and more. .

Eliminate Oil/Mist At The Source
This low-cost system effectively collects mist and smoke generated by all types of machines. Benefits include reduced health risks, reduced fire hazards, reduced accident risk, coolant cost savings, higher speeds and feeds, less machine downtime and more. Eliminate Oil/Mist At The Source Royal Machine

5C Lever Style Collet Closers
A series of 5C lever style collet closers, designed to increase lathe productivity, is now being offered by the company. The lever style collet closer can be opened and closed without stopping the spindle (for workpieces that are safe to handle). This is said to make it an ideal choice for production work. The adjus

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