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Sapa Industrial Extrusions is the world's largest aluminium profile company and a leading supplier of extruded aluminum products throughout North America. For our customers in the Industrial and Consumer, Automotive, Distribution and Commercial Transportation markets, a universe of opportunities has opened: The industry's broadest capabilities in extruded shapes, standard and specialty rod and bar products, alloys, circle sizes (up to 22") and fabrication. More efficient logistics with 8 total plants Enormous competencies for design assistance and technical support High value-added products and responsive service.

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Chemistry and Machinability Impact Shop's Success
In Chris Felix’s article “Consistency with Indirect Extrusion,” three Sapa Extrusions employees sat down with PM to discuss how their shop benefited from enhancing the quality of its line of aluminum extrusions and analyzing the consistency of its products.

Capitalizing on the Benefits of Aluminum
As easy as aluminum may be to work with, it still comes with its own set of concerns, including those related to chip control and surface finish.

How Metallurgical Structure Affects the Machinability of Aluminum
Advancements in grain structure consistency and mechanical properties help to make this extremely machinable metal suitable for an ever growing range of applications.

Consistency with Indirect Extrusion
A return to basics, paired with extensive research, proved instrumental in the enhancements of this aluminum rod and bar manufacturer’s product line.

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