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Holder Designs

Quick Change for Screw Machines
New quick-change dovetail form toolholders bring lean operations at a lean price.

Winning Bids with In-House Broaching
This process can help a shop win business on jobs it otherwise might not be able to accomplish at all.

T-Style Cutoff Holders For Screw Machines
Schlitter Tool’s T-style cutoff tooling for screw machines have the same cost as standard cutoff holders with deliveries of 10 days or less. Customers using T-style blades will get high quality holders for this style of cutoff blade that is popular with high volume parts manufacturers.  .

rotary broaching attachment

Quick-Set Rotary Broach
Schlitter Tool's rotary broaching attachment for the Swiss screw machine industry is dubbed the "Baby Swiss." The holder features a small profile and quick-set fixturing. Quick-set design eliminates an otherwise lengthy setup. This holder is available with both metric and inch-sized shanks and is especially useful

HexMaster Rotary Broaching Setup

Small-Scale Rotary Broaching
As a broached form gets smaller, tool centering becomes increasingly important and thrust forces less significant. Rather than simply scaling down larger product designs, this company developed a small-scale rotary broaching tool that eliminates the need for an orbiting head and the need to adjust the holder for different tool lengths.

Rotary broaching brochure

Guide To Rotary Broaching
• Guide includes extensive engineering data to help shops find success making complex splined, hex or other shaped parts in a single setup • Extensive engineering data is listed for 34 different models of ID and OD rotary broaching attachments to suit every manufacturing need • Comprehensive data is also included to determine the best feeds and speeds for various tool sizes and materials .

Chatter Free Floating Shave Tool Holder
The floating pin-style shave toolholder introduced by the company nearly 70 years ago still sells well. However, the original pin-style floating mechanism has limited ability in countering the machining conditions that may induce "chatter. " While skilled operators have developed some makeshift fixes to reduce chatter, none has proven to be reliable, and some may even reduce chatter at the expense of accuracy.

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