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Make the most with your machine.

In-Process Length and Diameter Gauging Systems Miniature Broken Tool Detectors SPC SOFTWARE - Automatic Process Control and Reporting

Make the most with your machine.

Recessing Drilling--Cross and Off-center, multiple holes, Deep hole, High speed Threading--Milling, Chasing, Rolling, Tap or Die Generating--Flats, Polygons, Longitudinal Profiles Broaching--Internal and External Milling--Frontal, Slotting, Cross Slots, Spirals, Helix Pick up and Backworking CNC Retrofits and Slide Actuators

Make the most with your machine.

Shaving for Precision and Finish Precision Tool Holders Quick Tool Change with Full Off-machine Presetting Optical Presetting Systems Collets, Feed Fingers, Pickup Spindle Other attachments and parts

As Seen In Production Machining

Gaging’s Value for Effective Unattended CNC Machining

Gaging’s Value for Effective Unattended CNC Machining
Process control is a bigger deal for high-volume CNC machining operations to eliminate scads of scrap/rework because a problem was not identified early on.

Precision Machining Technology Moving Shops Forward
New equipment and software continue to be developed to support the needs of production machine shops like yours. Here’s a sample of technology now on the market that can help you grow your operation and become more efficient.

Presettable modules

Secondary Operations Become Primary
As a way to reduce production times, shops often look to bring secondary operations to the primary multi-spindle operation. Such a shift can help reduce errors from part location and keep the expense of damaged parts to a minimum.

Vertically Mounted Probe

In-Machine Gaging Automates Part Inspection
SPC Innovations' line of in-machine gages may provide an automated solution to some of the issues with post-process inspection.

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