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Make the most with your machine.

In-Process Length and Diameter Gauging Systems Miniature Broken Tool Detectors SPC SOFTWARE - Automatic Process Control and Reporting

Make the most with your machine.

Recessing Drilling--Cross and Off-center, multiple holes, Deep hole, High speed Threading--Milling, Chasing, Rolling, Tap or Die Generating--Flats, Polygons, Longitudinal Profiles Broaching--Internal and External Milling--Frontal, Slotting, Cross Slots, Spirals, Helix Pick up and Backworking CNC Retrofits and Slide Actuators

Make the most with your machine.

Shaving for Precision and Finish Precision Tool Holders Quick Tool Change with Full Off-machine Presetting Optical Presetting Systems Collets, Feed Fingers, Pickup Spindle Other attachments and parts

As Seen In Production Machining

Electronically Controlled Miniature Tool Detector
SPC Innovations Inc. features a tool detector with an electronic control for more flexibility in sensing broken tools and presence of chips on tools before they can cause damage.

SPC Innovations DF-F16 True-Diameter Gage

Mini In-Machine Gage
The DF-F16 True-Diameter Gage is designed to verify part OD automatically in the machine.

Add-on CNC Cross Slide
Autor Engineering offers its CNC combined slide, a three-axis (X, Z, and C) self-contained module, which can mount on the cross slide of most six- and eight-spindle multi-spindle automatics.

add-on CNC

Add-On CNC for Multi-Spindles
SPC Innovations adds CNC capability to the cam multi-spindle, allowing the user to compete on difficult parts with the benefits of CNC and the productivity of the cam machine. The company has developed self-contained complete two-axis CNC cross slides, which can literally be “bolted on” to a multi-spindle in place of an existing cross slide.

Argotech system

Process Control for Automatic and CNC Machines
The Argotech system monitors variations in machining conditions to control processes and part quality, while avoiding collisions and optimizing tooling costs. Full process control is a key element in “lights out” manufacturing and reducing labor costs. The company offers a range of sensors to monitor conditions such as tool wear and fracture, force of machine components and tooling, overload conditions and product quality.

Attachments For Multi-Spindle Automatic Screw Machines
- Brochure describes SPC Innovations' products including its pick up and backworking systems; milling, drilling and tapping products and other attachments- Part inspection, broken tool sensors and other problem-solving products are highlighted with illustrations- Lists ways the company can enhance existing equipment  .

Presettable modules

Secondary Operations Become Primary
As a way to reduce production times, shops often look to bring secondary operations to the primary multi-spindle operation. Such a shift can help reduce errors from part location and keep the expense of damaged parts to a minimum.

In-Machine Diameter Gage Probe
The Detector in-machine gage probe for measuring ODs from 1. 375" to 2. 750" (35 mm to 70 mm) complements the manufacturer's, SPC Innovations', line of automatic gage probes with the DF-040 probe, which measures ODs from 0" to 1.

Vertically Mounted Probe

In-Machine Gaging Automates Part Inspection
SPC Innovations' line of in-machine gages may provide an automated solution to some of the issues with post-process inspection.

Automatic Gaging Products For Automatic Machines
The Detector automatic gaging products work inside the machine to measure each part as it is being machined. Often, parts can be measured during indexing and action can be taken to divert a bad part without stopping the machine. If a bad part is detected, the part can be diverted from the production stream or the process can be stopped until the problem is identified and corrected.

SPC Programmable Cam Control Useful for Add-on CNC Slides
Programmable electronic cam control for add-on CNC slides from SPC Innovationsoffersmodels with two-axis cross slides, pick-up and backworking slides and single-axis end tool slides.

Thread Milling Attachments--TSE--Tool Systems Eng./SPC Innovations
On display will be the TSE quick-change and presettable toolholders for multi-spindle automatics as well as multi-spindle attachments for shaving, flat generation, recessing, broaching and other operations. Previously these toolholders and attachments were available only for European multi-spindle automatics. Now th

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