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A Message from Star CNC Machine Tool Corp.

Company Profile

Star CNC Machine Tool Corp. is among the leading providers of superior technology and unparalleled service to the machine tool industry.

Machining Success For Over 65 Years

SR-20RIV - Complex MachiningSR-20RIV, Star's newest model Machine reinforces its 65-year leadership in the field of complex machining.

SW-20 - The Future of Medical Technology is here...

The SW-20 another new model of Star CNC Machine Tool Corp. is designed to transform complex work into productivity.


The ST-38’s innovative triple-turret design was specifically created to capitalize on simultaneous capabilities in an effort to reduce overall machining time as well as  most current  technology that facilitates a larger capacity for machining components (up to 38mm).      

As Seen In Production Machining

samples of turned parts

SX-38 Swiss-Type Automatic Lathe with Servo-Driven B Axis
Star CNC Machine Tool Corp.’s 38-mm sliding headstock lathe, the SX-38, is designed using slant-bed construction to ensure rigidity for the turret mounted tooling.

Star CNC Machine Tool Corp.’s SV-20R Swiss-type lathe

Star CNC Swiss-Type Lathe Offers Multiple Tool Processing
PMTS 2019: Star CNC Machine Tool’s SV-20R Swiss-type lathe features a gang slide and an opposing turret with a 360-degree programmable B axis for front and back operations.

CNC Swiss-type automatic lathe

Star CNC Booth Introduces Two New Machines
At IMTS this year Star CNC is introducing the SR-38J and SK-51 CNC Swiss-type automatic lathes, two machines equipped to meet the skilled workforce challenges facing manufactures today.

Collets and guide bushings

Heimatec Sells Tecnicrafts' Products for Swiss Turning
Heimatec Inc. is selling collets and guide bushings from Tecnicrafts Industries that are exclusively used for Swiss turning applications.

Automatic Lathe.

SV-20R Swiss-type Automatic Lathe Reduces Production Time and Improves Accuracy
Star CNC showcases the SV-20R Swiss-type automatic lathe.

Work Environment

Teaming Up in the Swiss Shop
This company capitalizes on employee empowerment and creativity to strengthen the work environment, improve production numbers and exceed customer expectations.


A Youthful Approach to Production Machining
Growing up in the industry helped this young shop owner learn key strategies for getting the most from his machines.

Tornos and Star CNC Showfloor Demos at PMTS
There are several education tracks available at this year’s edition, and on Thursday of the show, there are two more showfloor demonstrations that attendees can take advantage of.

Swiss-Type Machine Line Ranges in Size up to 38 mm
Star CNC Machine Tool Corp.’s SV-38 model represents the latest in Star’s technology, ranging in size up to 38 mm.

Star CNC Machine Tool SW-20 Swiss-type automtic lathe

Swiss-Type Lathe Enables Efficient Programming
The SW-20 Swiss-type automatic lathe from Star CNC Machine Tool offers mechanical and control system capabilities designed for fast machining of complex components.

SW-20 Swiss-Type Automatic Lathe Cuts Production Time
Star CNC Machine Tool Corp.’s SW-20, a Swiss-type automatic lathe equipped with cutting-edge software, enables complex components to be manufactured quickly.

Star CNC ST-38

Three-Turret Machine Reduces Overall Machining Time
Star CNC’s ST-38 features three-turret technology with simultaneous machining of as many as three tools in cut with 1.5" capacity.

Medical Parts are Redefining Swiss-Type Machining
Machining for medical devices is changing what constitutes a Swiss-type part.

Running Remotely
Everybody talks about unattended machining operations and many have implemented it in varying degrees. Since day one, this Dayton, Ohio shop has never operated any other way.

Range of Swiss-Type Lathes On Display
Star CNC Machine Tool Corp will showcase its newest Swiss-type lathes, the SR-20RIV and the SW-20, along with a range of familiar models with enhancements that are said to provide customers in the medical, aviation and automotive industries with reduced costs and improved quality and productivity.

Optimizing B Axis on Gang Tool-Based Swiss Machines
This technological innovation has been increasing in popularity as well as multitasking sophistication.

Star CNC’s SF-25 Turning Center for Small Precision Parts
Star CNC Machine Tool Corp.’s SF‐25 turn-mill lathe is composed of a 24‐station toolchanger and ten‐station turret with as many as three tools in each station.

Finding Better Ways to Compete
This Indiana shop has reinvented itself to succeed in a tough market that many have abandoned to foreign competition—fasteners. It’s a story of change, response and adjustment that has allowed the company to navigate through mine fields of industry change and our great recession to exit as a stronger and better business.

Large-Capacity Multi-Turret for Complex Jobs
The ST-38 represents the latest in the company’s multi-turret technology and features capacity to machine components ranging in size to 38 mm.

CNC Swiss-Type with Triple Turret
The ST-38 CNC Swiss-type automatic lathe, with its triple turret design, enables more capability for machining components for the medical, automotive and aviation industries.

The Pursuit of Perfection
The “Pursuit of Perfection” is how Acero Precision defines its mission and while such lofty words make nice copy, all one needs to do is visit this contract manufacturer to experience how serious the company is about the technology, personnel and processes necessary to make it more than an abstract goal.

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