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Zippel Washing and Deburring Systems Deliver Clean Parts
Zippel's aqueous-based cleaning systems combine economy and ecology, designed to deliver exceptionally clean parts while minimizing both production costs and environmental impact.

Cleaning Systems for All Applications
Cleaning equipment suppliers offer a variety of equipment to meet precision parts manufacturers' requirements. Here's an aqueous-based line of washing and deburring systems.


H15 HMCs Useful for High Precision Milling, Drilling, Tapping and Boring of Small to Medium Size Parts
Sugino Corporation’s Self-Center H15 and H15B HMCs are especially useful for high precision milling, drilling, tapping and boring of small to medium size parts in aluminum, cast iron and carbon steel such as brake, engine and transmission components.

pnueumatic drilling units

Drilling Unit for Aerospace Applications
Sugino Corp. ’s portable pneumatic drilling units are specifically designed for the aerospace industry.

MS7 Mechatric drill unit

Selfeeder Drill Unit
Sugino Corp. ’s selfeeder drill unit, the MS7 Mechatric, delivers an increase in the depth and diameter of drilled holes in ferrous and nonferrous metals. Featuring a 3.

Pressure Washing System
The U-Jet III high-pressure water washing system is a semi-flexible system that can be adapted to clean a family of similar parts, and it is used to wash as many as six sides complex components, such as machined aluminum cylinder heads, engine blocks, hydraulic manifolds and other critical components where a chip or containment could create serious operational problems. The medical industry can take advantage of the system’s cleaning capabilities for products ranging from hypodermic needles to prosthetic devices. With a triplex pump producing water pressure to 1.

ID/OD Burnishing Tools
By making use of special rollers that cold work a metal surface, the line of Superoll burnishing tools can burnish the inside or outside diameters of any bored, reamed or turned workpiece to produce a fine, wear-resistant finish (down to 2 micro-inches or less) in one pass, resulting in a mirror-like, smoother, harder surface with better resistance to corrosion than a ground or honed workpiece, the company says. These tools are typically used in burnishing connecting rod bearing surfaces, cylinders, piston housings, shafts, connecting rods and pins, valves and valve seat surfaces, in the critical semiconductor industry, and in any mating surfaces. Unlike the metal removal process of grinding, honing, lapping and other finishing methods that cut to remove rough machining markings on a part, the tool uses a plastic deformataion-process to cold work the rough metal into a smooth, hard surface, free from irregularities.

Leadscrew Selfeeder Drill Units
The newly engineered Varimec lead-screw selfeeder was designed to meet the demand by manufacturers for a smaller, more powerful and accurate self-contained drill unit capable of a high degree of accuracy in a range of metals and other materials, according to the company. Available in two electrically-driven models, the SSV3 is rated at 0. 5 hp (0.

Water Deburring Machine
Read about the Jet Flex II high-pressure water deburring machine in this literature. See close-up photographs of common parts as well as a diagram illustrating the entire machine. The machine incorporates a large work zone, which allows a larger part capacity and multiple-part processing simultaneously.

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The Dirt On Cleaner Crankshafts
A high-pressure waterjet blasts away burrs and machining residues that resist more traditional cleaning methods.

High-Pressure Water Washing System
The company has developed the U-Jet III high-pressure water washing system that is said to take water washing out of the "washboards and river rocks-era" into the 21st century, and improve water-washing operations over existing systems. A semi-flexible system that can be adapted to clean a family or similar parts, the U-Jet III is used to wash up to six sides of the most complex components such as machined aluminum cylinder heads, engine blocks, hydraulic manifolds and other similar critical components where a chip or contaminant could create serious operational problems and warranty issues once in service. With a triplex pump producing water pressure to 1,015 PSI and delivering it at a maximum flow rate of 13.

Selfeeder Drill Units
A new line of electropneumatic drill units cuts holemaking costs while maintaining standards for performance, quality and tool life established by standard Selfeeder drilling machines, according to the company. Identified as the "G. bal" series in the expanding lineup of Selfeeder drill units, the series was named for its universal appeal and adaptability to virtually any application, replacing hand drills, radial drills, pneumatics and to other automated drilling operations, the company says.

Product Categories of Sugino Corporation

Burnishing Tools (Roller)
Burnishing, Honing & Lapping Tools
Cleaning & Degreasing Equipment, Aqueous
Deburring Equipment
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Diamond Tools
Drilling & Tapping Machines, CNC
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Trade Names

Cats-Eye Diamond Superoll
Electric Selfeeders
H-11 Self-Center
H-15B-5AX Self-Center
H-7 Self-Center
H-8 Self-Center
H-9 Self-Center
Jet-Clean Center
MS3P-Dual Servo
Pneumatic Selfeeders
Servo Tappers
SSM Mechatric Servo Selfeeders
SSV Varimec Servo Selfeeders
Syncro tappers
Tube Expanders
V-11 Self-Center
V-11 Twin Self-Center
V-7 Self-Center
V-8 Self-Center
V-9 Self-Center
Xion-III 5AX
Zippel Brand Washing and Deburring