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Charlotte, NC 28227 US


As Seen In Production Machining

Heavy-Duty Vibration Mounts
Sunnex's M-Series anti-vibration mounts for automatic lathes, grinding machines, injection molding machines, drilling/milling machines and similar equipment.  Designed with the aid of FEM analysis, the mounts resist fatigue from fast working cycle times and strong lateral forces in heavy machinery. The mounts are designed for use on machinery that does not require fastening to the floor and with loads from 100 to 12,000 lbs.


Controlling Machine Vibration And Shock
Dynamic loads, and the resulting vibration or shock, are a fact of life with rotating and oscillating machinery. Both shock and vibration can damage equipment, increase operating costs, reduce quality and productivity, and generate objectionable noise levels.

Product Categories of Sunnex Lights

Lighting Equipment