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As Seen In Production Machining

A Toolholder Maintenance Guide for the Inexperienced and Veterans Alike
Tooling supplier Techniks offers a “Machinist’s Guide to Toolholder Maintenance,” a 5-page overview of some of the most important aspects of keeping collet-and-nut-style toolholders in top condition.

Put Shrink-Fit Tooling to the Test
Metalworking offers its fair share of challenges, and shrink-fit tooling is one of them.

the spinner machine from Techniks

Deburring Machine for Small Parts
The Spinner machine from Techniks batch deburrs ferrous and nonferrous parts produced on machining centers, Swiss-types and lathes.

Toolholder Care and Maintenance Guide
It’s not uncommon for a shop to dedicate a lot of effort to selecting the best toolholder for a particular machining application.

Modular Boring Tools
Techniks’ Pinzbohr high precision modular boring tools are unsurpassed for accuracy, rigidity and repeatability.

Toolholders for Deep Cuts and More
DualDrive holders from Techniks are especially useful for making deep cuts, using high feed rates or machining using extended-length holders.

ER and TG toolholders

Toolholders Meet High Standards
Techniks ER and TG toolholders are certified to meet the highest standards for TIR, balance and taper accuracy, according to the company. Overall rigidity and TIR is improved even more by the company’s power coat nut, which holds 75 percent tighter than standard nuts.

magnetic workhandling

Magnetic Handling And Workholding
When used together, EZ-Lift material handling magnets and MagVise magnetic workholding systems are said to reduce setup and part change-over times compared to traditional material handling and workholding methods, including clamps and vises. For workholding, the company offers EEPM electro-permanent magnetic chuc

NTS tightening fixture

Side-Mount Tightening Fixture
Techniks' NTS tightening fixture mounts to the side of your tool card or bench. It is a fast way to secure toolholders for changing cutting tools, collets and pull studs, too. It works with CAT, BT, ISO and HSK toolholders.

sPINner microdeburring machine

Microdeburring Machine
The sPINner machine from Earth-Chain batch deburrs ferrous and nonferrous parts produced on Swiss-type screw machines and lathes. It quickly batch deburrs most small precision parts produced for the medical, electronics and aerospace industries. The machine's stainless steel pin media removes light burrs and even microburrs without harming the part.

ER mini nut holders

Toolholders For Tight Clearance
On the ER mini-nut holders from Techniks, nut diameters range from 0. 63" to 1. 02" (16 mm to 28 mm) to permit machining where standard ER nuts cannot fit.

Tooling Packages for ER Collet Chucks, Collets
Techniks Certified Tooling offers tooling package discounts, which include the most popular tools including end mill holders, ER collet chucks, collets and retention knobs. First, select a spindle type (CAT40, CAT50, BT40), then call a distributor or Techniks for the most convenient source. The company's certified toolholders are designed to increase rigidity and improve TIR, so cutting tools cut smoother and last longer.

Toolholder Catalog(4)
- Catalog features milling chucks, end mill holders, shrink-fit extensions for all holders, expanded lines of BT and CAT holders, steel-sealed ER coolant collets and more- Pages include detailed photos and diagrams of products with descriptions, application data and necessary ordering information- Special section highlights tool holders that extend perishable carbide cutting tool life in the front of the catalog.

Collets Designed To Reduce Coolant Problems
Without any plugs or seals to fail, ER Steel Sealed collets allow users to run continuously without coolant problems, according to manufacturer Techniks. Rated to 2,000 psi, the collets feature accuracy of 0. 0004" and work with standard ER holders and nuts.

Lifting Magnet Lifts 6,600 Lbs
Earth-Chain now offers the ELM-3000 lifting magnet that features a maximum rated load of 6,600 lbs, plus a 3. 5X saftey factor. These lifting magnets are said to be safer to use than sling and strap system because they will not slip or wear out.

Magnetic Workholding Blocks
Earth-Chain’s MagVise uses a permanent (rare earth) magnet to grip workpieces without necessitating manual fixturing or vise setups. No electricity is needed, and the block has been designed for longevity. Each block provides as much as 4,620 lbs.

12-Piece Boring Kit
Techniks BohrStar kit combines the range and rigidity machinists need without sacrificing accuracy. The kit does not require special training to use, and all components are easy to assemble. Features include an accuracy of 0.

Small Parts Deburring Machine
The Spinner machine is designed to eliminate costly hand-deburring of small, precision parts produced for the medical, electronics and aerospace industries. It deburrs ferrous, nonferrous and hard plastic parts produced on Swiss-type screw machines, lathes, machining centers and plastic injection mold machines. The machine uses magnetically activated stainless steel pin media in a soapy deburring solution to gently remove burrs without harming the part.

filter diagram

Finding Faster Deburring
While attending a trade show in the fall of 2000, a research and development employee at Upchurch Scientific (Oak Harbor, Washington) saw a magnetic deburring and polishing machine. It was well known throughout Upchurch that manual deburring was very labor intensive, so he took note of it.

Parts Deburring Machine
The company will display a new product, the Spinner. This is a small parts deburring machine that uses steel pins as the medium. The steel pins are very small in diameter and a circular array of magnets move the steel pins around the bucket and debur and polish parts. The company also is displaying high precision co

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Trade Names

DNA "Dead Nuts Accurate"
SIMIS Toolholders
The sPINner