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Company Profile

Since its inception in the 1930's when it was Japan's first company to develop a cemented carbide, Tungaloy has a long history of excellence in the development of materials for metal cutting tools and innovative industrial products.

As Seen In Production Machining

Quick-change tooling system

Coupling Sizes Added to TungCap Quick-Change Tooling
Tungaloy is expanding its TungCap PSC quick-change tooling system that promises higher productivity in a variety of CNC lathe machining.

CBN inserts

WavyJoint CBN Inserts Enable Hard Turning
Tungaloy’s WavyJoint CBN inserts are a CBN brazing technology for high productivity in hard turning operations that are designed to improve machining efficiency.

Chamfer cutter

TungQuad Chamfer Cutter Offers Versatility
Tungaloy Corp.’s TungQuad chamfer cutter series uses compact inserts in a positive, single-sided, square shape that can front-chamfer holes. 

Face mill cutters

Expanded TFE Face Mill Series Eliminates Axial Runout
Tungaloy has expanded its TFE series face milling cutters for finishing applications to incorporate bodies with insert adjustable pockets that eliminate axial runout of the inserts.

Grade AH8015 inserts

Grade AH8015 Inserts are Intended for Large Stock Removal
Tungaloy Corp.’s grade AH8015 inserts have a double-sided insert geometry that is said to bring benefits in tool economy and productivity.

Face mills

DoTriple-Mill Face Mill Series Includes M-Class Inserts
Tungaloy Corp.’s DoTriple-Mill face mill series includes pressed-to-size inserts in Class-M dimensional tolerance that are fixed to the cutter by a dovetail clamping mechanism. 

Seminar will Showcase Machining High Temperature Materials
Toyoda Americas and Tungaloy will host Accelerated Machining of Precipitation Hardened Stainless Steel, a lunch learning seminar looking at and demonstrating machining high temperature materials, such as 15-5 stainless steel, on Thursday, Feb. 22.

Inserts and holders

ISO-EcoTurn Series Includes VNMG Inserts and Holders
Tungaloy’s ISO-EcoTurn turning insert and holder system series includes VNMG inserts and holders that offer holders for OD and ID turnings, as well as holders with TungCap connectors.


Inserted Indexable Gundrill Line Does High Feed Drilling
Tungaloy Corp.’s DeepTriDrill inserted indexable gundrill line has options down to a diameter range of 14-15.9 mm, as deep hole drilling is a challenging operation and often creates a bottleneck in holemaking shops.


DoForce-Tri Shoulder Milling Cutters Meet Many Types of Jobs
Tungaloy America, Inc.’s DoForce-Tri is a shoulder milling cutter featuring a double sided insert with six cutting edges and three types of inserts to meet the needs of many different jobs.

TungMeister Endmill System

TungMeister Endmill System Ensures Light Cutting Action
Tungaloy Corp.’s TungMeister changeable-head endmill system involves a line of modular heads for TungForce-Rec, the indexable miniature shoulder milling cutter series. 

TetraMini-Cut Series

TetraMini-Cut Series Indexes Repeatability and Tool Life Stability
Tungaloy’s TetraMini-Cut series features a compact four cornered insert that is clamped in a pocket for indexing repeatability and tool life stability and includes two chipbreaker styles: the TCG style chipbreaker and the TCP style.

TetraMini-Cut Threading Inserts with Sharp Cutting Edges
Complemented by the PVD grade SH725, TetraMini-Cut threading inserts’ sharp cutting edges make it perfect for cutting fine pitch threads at a high cutting speed.

TungForce-Rec Miniature Shoulder Milling Cutter Designed with V-Shaped Bottom
A large positive inclination angle also reduces cutting force, while the insert flank is designed to increase chipping resistance.

BXA20 Coated CBN Grade for Hardened Steel
This CBN grade exhibits excellent wear and fracture resistance in a low to medium cutting speed range, with enhanced tool life in continuous, as well as interrupted, cuts.

DuoJustCut Parting-Off Tool for Swiss Lathes
Even if the first cutting edge is chipped, the other cutting edge can be used because of the design of the insert clamping.

AH8000 Series PVD Grades and Chipbreakers for Heat Resistant Alloys
The two AH8000 grades include AH8015, the first choice grade with well-balanced wear and fracture resistance and the AH8005, the high hardness grade with excellent wear resistance.

SH75 PVD Grade for Small Part Machining on Swiss Lathes
When machining small parts on a Swiss lathe, an insert with a sharp cutting edge and low cutting force is essential.

TurnLine AM Chipbreaker for Efficient Steel Machining
The Tungaloy AM chipbreaker features a “lift ridge” shape that minimizes the contact area between the chip and the rake surface, reducing the heat generated by chip abrasion and prevents crater wear from developing.

Chipbreakers for Turning
Tungaloy Corporation’s FW & SW chipbreakers, the wiper insert series for turning operations, deliver excellent surface quality while achieving efficient machining at high feed, resulting in improved productivity in general turning, the company says.

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