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Identification Tags And Labels
Spectrum tags and labels help avoid lubricant cross contamination and misapplication. They provide a simple and fast solution for identifying lubricants from storage to point of use. These color-coded tags and labels are designed for ease of use and durability and can be used for marking everything from storage containers and drums, transport containers, hand pumps, filter carts, transfer carts, dispensing equipment and tools, machinery, lubrication points or anything else you can think of.

Spectrum bulk oil storage system

Fluid Storage For Bulk Oils
Trico offers a line of fluid storage solutions for bulk oils. Fluids are purchased in bulk as they are more cost effective because of reduced packaging.

Trico Streamliner grease dispensers

Grease Dispenser
Trico's line of Streamliner grease dispensers are designed for applications where it is essential to have a precise amount of grease delivered to critical machine parts. The units provide variable feed rates and feed up to eight lubrication points. They also provide precise metering of lubricant in remote areas up to 30 ft. They are equipped with electro-mechanical drives to adapt to a range of grease applications.

Portable Gear And Lube Oil Filtration System
Trico’s gear and lube oil filtration system is designed specifically for filtering higher viscosity fluids. The industrial filtration product features a 4-gpm flow capacity and a maximum viscosity capability of 10,000 SUS at 100ºF. Designed to accommodate high viscosity fluids, the system can process these fluids with greater efficiency than traditional hydraulic filter systems, the company says.

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