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Feel the Heat with Micro Deburring
One of the many challenges of machining tiny parts is the deburring process, called micro deburring.

Micro Deburring Gets Hot

Micro Deburring Gets Hot
“Micro deburring,” a name commonly used to describe the deburring of tiny small parts, is often considered more of an art than a science. Although this is true to some extent, deburring micro parts does not always have to require hand manicuring parts with a scalpel under 10× to 20× magnification.

Defining Deburring and FOD

Defining Deburring and FOD
Burrs and foreign object damage (FOD) are considerations that are increasingly critical as precision machined parts are engineered from more challenging materials and to demanding geometries and applications.

John Halladay of Vectron Finds the Right Paths
Mr. Halladay employs strategic processes in running races as well as in running Vectron’s sales and quality through participation in PMPA.

The Heat is On
One manufacturing process that helps diminish these burrs is called thermal deburring, which uses heat energy to remove burrs.

Lori Beckman

Debugging The Deburring Process: ECD May Be The Solution
Although there are several types of deburring, electrochemical deburring (ECD) is a popular choice because it can be used for parts of any size or shape that are made from virtually any conductive metal. ECD is especially useful for small, intricate features. According to Vectron Inc.

before and after ECD

Ban The Burr—A Look At ECD
Deburring is a consideration, and often a problem, for all manufacturing engineers. The burrs resulting from a metalworking operation may be tolerable; however, burrs are always present.

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