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As Seen In Production Machining

Walter Surface Technologies building

Walter Surface Technologies Acquires Supply Agreement
Walter Surface Technologies has acquired Fastenal Blackstone supply agreement and all related inventory from Sundisc Abrasives USA LLC, in the process becoming one of Fastenal’s private label suppliers across the Americas.

Flexsteel flap disc

Flexsteel is a High-Performing, General Purpose Flap Disc
Walter Surface Technologies’s Flexsteel is a high-performing general purpose flap disc designed for use on steel in light industrial, metal fabrication and construction applications.

containers of Coolcut S-50

Walter Surface Technologies Offers Long Life Cutting Fluid Extends Cutting Tool Life
Special EP additives in the liquid will provide extra lubricity to cut materials such as high tensile steel and stainless steel, and titanium, as well as other metals such as aluminum and copper alloys.

Walter Surface Technologies Opens Distribution Center in Texas
The 22,000-square-foot distribution and training center in Dallas, Texas is located at the Freeport Corporate Center, and the new facility directly serves 20 states throughout the southern and western U.S.

Walter Surface Technologies Appoints New President and COO
His main responsibilities included driving the company’s annual growth, ensuring superior-quality service and maintaining operational excellence within a team composed of 26,000 Canadian security professionals.

Aqueous Cleaning

Aqueous Cleaning Solutions Drive Safety and Profitability
The change to technologically advanced, environmentally friendly cleaning solutions can help contribute to a safer, more sustainable and more profitable workplace.

Bio-Renewable Parts Cleaning Systems for Any Parts Size
The ergonomically designed units range in size to ease cleaning and degreasing regular, large, and over-sized industrial parts.

Alustar 100 Cleaner for Aluminum and Nonferrous Alloys
Bio-Circle, a division of Walter Surface Technologies, offers Alustar 100 to its environmental line of cleaners and degreasers that is specifically optimized for cleaning and degreasing aluminum in automated and ultrasonic parts washers.

Walter Helps Machine Shops Map Passivation Processes
Walter Surface Technologies’ Surfox Smart Passivation Tester, a new passivation tool and a component of its Surfox electrochemical cleaning system, to analyze passivation levels in stainless steel.

Walter Surface Technologies Appoints New President and COO
Walter Surface Technologies announced that Michael Christodoulou has been appointed as president and chief operating officer of the company.

Environmentally Friendly Parts Washer Suits Rugged Environments
Walter Surface Technologies offers its CleanBox Flow, an addition to the company’s Bio-Circle manual industrial parts washing systems.

Eco-friendly Cleaning Agent Derived from Vegetable Extracts
Nature Boost from Walter Surface Technologies is an eco-friendly additive for heavy-duty industrial cleaning that is derived from vegetable extracts obtained from a by-product generated in the vegetable processing industry.

International Campus and Bio-Circle Facility Opens
After several years of investments in the design and construction of the most recent extension phase housing its new bio-circle facility, the entire 92,000 square-foot Walter Surface Technologies International campus is now complete on its original Montreal (Pointe-Claire, Quebec) site and is poised to grow in all of its business segments.

Bio-Rust Non-Corrosive Solution Removes Rust
Walter Surface Technologies’ Bio-Rust non-corrosive solution is designed to eradicate rust on iron and mild steel, and provide a safe, biodegradable alternative to hazardous, labor-intensive processes.

Eco-Friendly Surface Cleaner Replaces Toxic Solvents
Walter Surface Technologies’ environmentally friendly AF-Clean surface cleaner and degreaser is designed to replace toxic solvents in preparing and cleaning metallic surfaces prior to painting, priming, coating, gluing and applying corrosion protection, and in cleaning moulds for plastic injection.

Product Categories of Walter Surface Technologies

Cleaning Chemicals, Aqueous
Cleaning Systems, Aqueous or CFC-free
Cut-Off Tools/Attachments
Degreasers, Solvent, Vapor
Grinding Wheels & Belts
Solvents, Degreasing