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Walter USA, LLC

Walter USA, Inc. offers an extensive selection of cutting tools for milling, drilling, turning and boring; and excels at creating specialized tooling for unique applications.

As Seen In Production Machining

Grooving and parting grades

Grooving and Parting Grades Used on Steel and Cast Iron
Walter’s Cut GX Tiger-tec Silver CVD grooving and parting grades are for use on steel and cast-iron applications and have been introduced in combination with Walter's geometries UD4, UA4, UF4, RD4 along with plunge grooving and parting geometries GD3 and CE4. 

Grooving and parting grades

Grooving and Parting Grades Used on Steel and Cast Iron
Walter’s Cut GX Tiger-tec Silver CVD grooving and parting grades are for use on steel and cast-iron applications and have been introduced in combination with Walter's geometries UD4, UA4, UF4, RD4 along with plunge grooving and parting geometries GD3 and CE4. 

Solid Carbide Mill

MC251 Solid Carbide Mill Increases Tool Life
Walter USA LLC’s Prototyp MC251 solid carbide mill is a family of solid carbide milling tools that can increase tool life by up to 50 percent in austenitic stainless steels and nickel-base alloys, the company says.

Dan Shelton

Walter US Appoints New Managing Director
In his position, Mr. Shelton will be responsible for leading and managing the sales performance of Walter U.S., including responsibility for financial planning, target setting, negotiating group agreements and management of stakeholder relations that ensure achievement of the overall company strategy.


M2136 Close Pitch Finishing Cutter Enhances Machining
Walter’s M2136 is a multi-tooth close pitch finishing cutter with eight cutting edges per insert. These stable, negative inserts promote not only stability but also ease of handling as well as leading to high levels of surface quality during the finishing process. 

T2711/T2712 Indexable Insert Thread Mill

Indexable Insert Thread Mill Reduces Large Workpiece Costs
Walter GB’s T2711/T2712 indexable insert thread mill can achieve shorter cycle times than thread milling, competes with the productivity of taps on large threads, and users benefit from high levels of productivity at a lower cost per thread

Walter milling cutter M3024

Blaxx M3024 Wiper Inserts Enable Finishing Operations
Walter’s Blaxx M3024 wiper inserts enable semi-finishing and finishing operations to be combined into a single operation using a single tool without adjusting the finishing cutting edges, reduce the number of tools required and machining time by minimizing time spent changing and adjusting tools.

Bosch Names Walter as Preferred Supplier
Walter has won the title of preferred supplier from Robert Bosch GmbH, marking it the fourth time that Walter has received this accolade.

Walter USA Receives Industry Award
Walter and Engman-Taylor collaborated to revamp production processes for Mennie Machine and won the ISA American Eagle Excellence in Industry award because of it.

WDN10 PCD Inserts Deliver High Speed Machining
The inserts produce maximum productivity and cost efficiency in the high-speed machining of nonferrous materials.

Walter's new Technology Center at its Tübingen, Germany, worldwide headquarters

Walter Opens New Technology Center at Headquarters
This leap into the digital future will help customers develop high tech solutions.

Walter Appoints New Director of Business Development
In his new position, Mr. Benjamin will be responsible for conducting market analysis for strategic planning and supporting the development and implementation of business plans in North America.

Tiger.tec Gold Coating Process Increases Insert Life
Compared with inserts that are coated using the conventional chemical vapor deposition (CVD) process, Tiger.tec Gold inserts boast higher wear resistance on flank faces, reduced hairline cracking, more resistance to plastic deformation and improved process reliability, the company says.

New Venture Poised for Industry 4.0
The synergies made possible by the Walter-Comara collaboration enable Walter to digitize and connect its tools with improved precision and sophistication, allowing optimization of real-time data.

Walter-Comara Venture Supports Customers with Advanced Connectivity for Smart Manufacturing, Industry 4.0
Optimizing tools and equipment using real-time data is just one of the many benefits the Walter-Comara venture will bring to customers in the US.

Walter’s G1041 Parting Blade Includes Reinforced Shank
Suitable for grooving and parting-off on all kinds of turning machines, the parting blades feature coolant supply through the clamping block, enabling precision coolant delivery directly to the chipbreaker and insert flank.

Walter Appoints Director of Marketing for its World West Region
In his new position, Kurt Ludeking will be responsible for all aspects of marketing in the World West Region, including strategic marketing planning, marketing communication, regional product management, pricing, and market analysis.

Walter Offers Extension of its Turning Geometry
Extensions include the FM4, RM4, FP6 and FK6 positive inserts.

Walter Cut G2042 Improves Grooving and Parting Operations
The G2042 system precisely delivers coolant to the flank and to the chipbreaker of the insert. The result: A constant optimum operating temperature with the coolant stream targeting the center of the chip formation.

Walter M4000

Insert System Reduces Tool, Storage Costs
Walter’s M4000 program uses an insert system that has a single, basic-shape compatibility with every M4000 body.

Product Categories of Walter USA, LLC

Arbors (for Cutters)
Boring Tools & Heads for Machining Centers
Boring Tools for Turning Machines
Broaching Tools
Burnishing Tools (Roller)
Chamfering Tools
Collets for Toolholding
Collets, Solid and Master
Coolant Delivery Systems
Coolants, Cutting Fluids & Oils
Cut-Off Tools/Attachments
Deburring Tools (Machine Tool Spindle-Mounted)
Diamond Tools
End Mills
Facing Tools/Heads
Form Tools
Grooving Tools
Inserts, Indexable (Carbide, etc.) & Tool Inserts
Milling Cutters
Milling Heads/Attachments
Tap Drivers & Attachments
Thread Milling Cutters
Threading Tools
Threading Tools - Cutting
Threading Tools - Forming
Tool Crib Control Software
Tooling Systems, Modular and/or Quick-Change

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