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Weld Cleaning Brush Design Improves Safety
Weiler’s Dually stringer-bead weld cleaning brushes feature a nut with a hex on either side of the wheel, designed to eliminate interference issues that might otherwise force users to remove the guards from their angle grinders and produce a safety hazard.

Burr-Rx brushes

Brushing Tools Use Advanced Filament Technology
Burr-Rx brushes use advanced filament technology, resulting in maximum aggression. The black nylon filaments are co-extruded with high aggression ceramic grains, providing cut rates to almost 400 percent faster than standard silicon carbide filaments. The aggression of these brushes reduces cycle times by allowing

automated system diagram

Selecting Brushes For Burrs
Deburring is often a practical necessity after cutoff operations. Wire brush systems provide a low-cost and reliable means of automatic deburring of barstock or tube stock.

Automated Deburring Brochure
-The guide to automated deburring with brushes provides information to help users understand the process and assists customers in selecting the best brush and system design for their specific application-The burr classification chart educates users about the different burr classifications-Available brush types and operating parameter guidelines are also included.

Disc Brushes For In-Machine Deburring
Weiler Corporation now offers the Bore-Rx line of internal deburring brushes. Designed to increase productivity of in-machine deburring in CNC machining centers, the brushes easily remove all burrs found at intersecting holes and other internal edges of the workpiece and can also be used for bore finishing applications. The brushes remove internal edge burrs, which is often met using inefficient tube or "bottle" brushes.

Gear Deburring Brochure
-Details the importance of deburring in the gear manufacturing industry-Explains the specifics of burr classification and filament selection-Reviews the importance of burr location and brush presentation .

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