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What is multitasking? It is: » The ability to perform various manufacturing operations without moving the part and without manual intervention. »The combination of turning, milling, drilling and/or hobbing operations in one setup. »Unattended transfer of the part from the first to second machining operation. »Automatic load and unload integrated with the machining cycle. The goal of multitasking is the compression of the manufacturing cycle.  Many parts are candidates for multitasking, and the shops that embrace multitasking realize many benefits.   Testimonials One year after adopting multitasking, shop owners and managers shared these observations about multitasking’s impact. --> Five Levels of Multitasking Different varieties of multitasking capability are appropriate for different types of parts. To choose the right machine, understand these levels of multitasking machine tool   Why Multitasking Compared to processes that rely on more conventional machine tools, consolidating the process through multitasking potentially delivers these benefits.   Sample Parts Multitasking is the right choice for a broad range of parts. Look at these examples, and select the one that best matches the part that your shop wants to machine more effectively    

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