Turning Aerospace Alloys

Turning Aerospace Alloys The holder, the coolant delivery, the engagement with the part—all these factors affect the turning process. Here are tips for turning the hardest-to-machine metals: CoroTurn HP Increases Productivity and Tool Life High precision jet nozzles direct coolant at target areas in the cutting zone, which can lead to a 30% increase in surface speed or 50% increase in tool life. ISO S Turning Geometries for HRSA and Titanium Machining These six geometries address roughing to finish turning of heat resistant superalloys and titanium. CAM Programming Tip: Trochoidal Turning Trochoidal turning uses a roll-into-the-cut approach to reduce engagement on the insert, improving tool life, chip control and productivity. Consider a Systems Approach to Tooling A tooling strategy creating a smooth and consistent flow of parts is critical for cost reduction and productivity.

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