Automation & Robots

Racer-5 Cobot Operates in Fast, Dual Modes

Racer-5 Cobot combines flexibility and collaborative safety features with high repeatability and accuracy.

Automation & Robots

FANUC’s QSSR Feature Simplifies Robot Integration

FANUC’S QSSR feature enables FANUC CNCs to directly program robots through the G code.

Automation & Robots

ABB Expands Portfolio with Stronger, Faster, More Capable Cobots

These cobots are designed to be easy to use and configure, thereby expanding automation into a variety of high-growth industries.

Automation & Robots

4 Questions About Cobot Integration

Many shops appreciate that cobots are easy to program and enable collaborative operation, but there might still be questions about how to install them.

Automation & Robots

Mitsubishi LoadMate Robotic Cell Streamlines Parts Loading, Unloading

Machine Tending Robotic Cell features portability, easy setup and programming, high performance and safety layout for both job shops and larger scale production environments.

Automation & Robots

Method Machine Tools’ JobShop Cell Pro Offers Multiple Infeed, Outfeed Options

System includes a RoboDrill D21SiBadv Vertical Machining Center Series, which has several different pre-engineered end-of-arm and infeed/outfeed options for a range of part and capacity requirements for medium-volume applications.

Automation & Robots

Small Conveyors for a Machine Shop’s 24/7 Needs

The modular, compact and portable design of the Lite Series conveyors make them easy to integrate with existing equipment and easy to move around when jobs or processes change frequently.

Automation & Robots

Automated JobShop Cell Pro Designed for High-Mix, Medium-Volume Machining

Machine accommodates multiple infeed and outfeed options for a range of part and capacity requirements.

Automation & Robots

Cobot Fleet Addresses Labor Shortage

An Ohio manufacturer deployed nine collaborative robots to improve and optimize the work environment, automating hard-to-staff tasks such as machine tending, assembly and product inspection.

Bar Feeders

Making Waves with Lathe Automation

After years of relying on an extensive machining cell for part production, this marine equipment manufacturer has now reduced part handling and improved quality through use of single-setup lathes and automated loading and unloading.