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An Extreme Part-Off Demo Returns to IMTS 2014
The strength of part-off tools is shown in demonstrations whereby they part off a railroad rail and sledge hammer head. Talk about significant interrupted cuts…

Video: Blisk Milling
The process seen here uses trochoidal tool paths and cryogenic cooling

Video: Milling Inconel 718 with Cermic Inserts
Metal removal rate is high and the cut is dry. See other basic tips for milling with ceramics.

Why Y?
This toolholder takes advantage of a Swiss-type’s Y-axis motion to approach and engage the barstock from the side, which helps prevent “bird nesting.”

Dapra high feed cutting 4140ph at 300-ipm.
(sponsored content) Video: High-Feed Cutting 4140PH at 300 IPM with RHINO-FEED Mid-Feed Shell Mill and Inserts from Dapra.

90-Degree Pocketing Aluminum - 0.250” DOC with Square Shoulder End Mill and XPET-ALU Inserts from Dapra
(sponsored content) This video demonstrates Dapra's 1" Square Shoulder End Mill executing a pocketing routine in aluminum.

Video: Maximizing Cutter Life
A shop owner describes his simple approach to evaluating cutting tool performance and finding the best parameters.

Video: Cryogenic Machining of Titanium
Through-tool liquid nitrogen turns the tool into a heat sink, extending tool life.

Video: Safe Shrink-Fit Has Built-in Cooling
The cycle for heating the toolholder also includes water cooling so the toolholder finishes cool.

Video: Hard Pocket Milling
Relieved end mills and pre-machining of corners are two important considerations for accurate pocket machining in hard steel.