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Published: 5/19/2018

FMT Thread Mills Increase Productivity and Performance
Carmex’s FMT thread mill can thread up to the bottom of a blind hole while delivering reliability for complex parts.

Published: 5/15/2018

CBN and PCD-Tipped Inserts Perform Custom Geometries
Thinbit’s inserts tipped with CBN and PCD are said to provide an increased production rate, improved surface finish and dimensional control when used on high-temperature alloys and when used on nonferrous and abrasive metal.

Published: 5/13/2018

Self-Lock Locking System Reduces Assembly Errors
Emuge Corp.’s Self-Lock integrated locking system has a thread locking feature that is integrated in the internal thread, and has a modified profile with a 30-degree ramp surface in the direction of stress which provides the self-locking effec...

Published: 5/9/2018

WCK10 Ceramic Cutting Inserts Improve Productivity
Walter’s WCK10 ceramic cutting grade inserts deliver improved productivity, process reliability and longer tool life because of its wear-resistant ceramic cutting material.

Published: 5/3/2018

Seco Expands Parting-Off Blades to Fit VDI Turrets
Seco’s 150.10‑Jeti parting-off blades and square-shank blocks include a VDI block design directly held by adapters onto the blades, offering streamlined delivery of high-pressure coolant to the cutting zone without the use of hoses.

Published: 5/1/2018

TungQuad Chamfer Cutter Offers Versatility
Tungaloy Corp.’s TungQuad chamfer cutter series uses compact inserts in a positive, single-sided, square shape that can front-chamfer holes. 

Published: 4/29/2018

Thread Locking Tools Offer Alternative Safety Application
Emuge Corp.’s Self-Lock internal thread yields a self-locking screw connection that can be used repeatedly. 

Published: 4/28/2018

USC-M Machining Centers Streamline Mold Production
Unisig’s USC-M series of seven-axis deep-hole drilling and machining centers allow manufacturers to process large and small parts with four-sided machining capability in a single setup.

Published: 4/15/2018

T-Turn FM Chipbreaker Designed for Steel and Stainless Steel
Ingersoll Cutting Tool Co.’s T-Turn FM chipbreaker series is designed especially for steel and stainless steel applications where semi-finish to medium machining is required.

Published: 4/13/2018

Series 300 Electronic Weld Head Provides Precise Weld Force
Amada Miyachi America’s Series 300 electronic weld head offers the weld force profile ideal for miniature parts welding and enables up to three welds per second, with programmable force and weld positions, force and position repeatab...