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Published: 10/16/2013

Automated Deburring Accelerates Vise Production
Using new Flex-Hone abrasive technology from Brush Research Manufacturing, Orange Vise Co. was able to automate deburring and surface finishing in a single operation.

Published: 2/10/2012

Hone Offers Finishing Flexibility
Brush Research Manufacturing offers two examples that showcase how its Flex-Hone hole-finishing tool can help manufacturers meet exacting surface finish requirements both in the shop and in the field.

Published: 11/11/2010

Brush Hone Boosts Safety, Productivity, Finish Quality
This manufacturer recently employed the Flex-Hone ball-style honing brush from Brush Research Manufacturing to automate the finishing of die bores. In addition to providing quality and productivity improvements, the tool helped eliminate the potenti...

Published: 12/9/2008

Debugging The Deburring Process: ECD May Be The Solution
Although there are several types of deburring, electrochemical deburring (ECD) is a popular choice because it can be used for parts of any size or shape that are made from virtually any conductive metal. ECD is especially useful for small, intricate...

Published: 10/20/2008

Efficient Deburring Leads To Improvements
Although burrs may be the last concern that an engineer or machinist thinks about when focusing on a part’s tolerances and production rate, deburring plays a large role in producing a quality product. And when a deburring process becomes cumbersome,...

Published: 5/4/2007

Machining Center Tool Eliminates Camshaft Burrs
A special tool performs burr removal inside the part where holes intersect.

Published: 3/15/2002

Finding Faster Deburring
While attending a trade show in the fall of 2000, a research and development employee at Upchurch Scientific (Oak Harbor, Washington) saw a magnetic deburring and polishing machine. It was well known throughout Upchurch that manual deburring was ver...

Published: 11/1/1997

Aerospace Manufacturer Produces 'Perfect' Pins To Secure Arrays
Imagine the space shuttle delivering a space station payload into orbit when suddenly, the locking mechanism holding the 100-foot-long array of solar panels fails, and out pops the entire solar panel array.