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Published: 12/29/2017

Sinker EDM is Built for General Precision Machining
Makino’s Edge2 sinker EDM is built for general precision machining applications and provides accurate and reliable performance for standard die/mold components or contract manufacturing with a space-saving design for shop floors.

Published: 12/14/2017

Form E 350 Die-Sinking EDM Solution is Market’s Smallest
GF Machining Solutions LLC’s compact Form E 350 machine is a die-sinking EDM solution for small shops, with a C-axis construction, cross table and cast-iron frame that offer stability and force reduction. 

Published: 10/25/2017

YGS CNC Moving Head Series Drills Holes of Different Depths
Absolute Machine Tools Inc.’s Yougar YGS CNC moving head series has an automatic guide changer (AGC) that enables automatic drilling of holes of different depths and long unattended operations.

Published: 5/26/2015

Submerged Wire EDM Provides Large Capacity, Flexibility and Speed
The AU-1440iA Z800 submerged wire EDM from Absolute Machine Tools is engineered to process large as well as small parts with accuracy, speed and convenience.

Published: 3/5/2015

Wire Products Available
Metal Resource Solutions offers free machining brass and stainless steel wire from stock.

Published: 3/5/2015

Wire EDMs Provide Fast, Automatic Wire Threading
Available from Absolute Machine Tools, the Accutex “Great Economy” (GE) wire EDMs combine high cutting speed and accuracy with automatic wire threading that provides fast submerged rethreading at the break point.

Published: 8/14/2006

Robotic EDM Cell Maximizes Productivity
A Fanuc robotic EDM cell from Methods EDM increases production capacity through automated loading and unloading. The cell features a high-speed Fanuc six-axis robot and can be configured to serve either a single or multiple Fanuc iC Series wire EDM...

Published: 6/30/2005

CNC Rotary Table Indexer For EDM Applications
The JNC140-EDM CNC rotary table indexer contains a sealing system that is adaptable for use in submersible applications with EDM dielectric fluids. The sealing system is combined with the Auto Air Purging System that removes any possible condensati...

Published: 2/3/2005

Angled Holes And Slot EDM Drilling
HoleMaster Hole Driller EDM machines are now available with fourth- and fifth-axis capabilities. An optional compound rotary table provides precise A- and B-axis positioning, extending the capabilities of these machines to the submerged or unsubmer...

Published: 4/14/2004

Vertical Vise For Wire EDM
The company’s newly designed vertical vise, Model H4537 for use with its Fixturing System 4000, provides clamping of one or two independent workpieces in the same setup. Two separate clamping jaws are incorporated in the vise that requires tightenin...