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Published: 7/15/2000

Precision Metal Fabricator Depends On Multimedia Software To Maintain
Electrolabs, Inc., used to have problems making sure that machine and tooling setups were done right the first time and that parts were assembled correctly. Then the company began using the Realtrac real-time shop management system and is now able t...

Published: 4/15/2000

Controlling Setup Time Variability In The Small Shop
To be as efficient and effective as possible, all set up data should be clearly and concisely documented. One of the biggest mistakes made today is assuming that the person who set up and engineered the process the first time will be there to do it ...

Published: 2/15/2000

Less Paper, More Information
Getting rid of the thousands of paper tapes was this shop's first objective--an objective that would best be accomplished through some sort of distributed numerical control (DNC) system. The system they selected took them from 'punched' to 'paperles...

Published: 1/15/2000

Auditing Is A Key Component Of Quality Management Systems
Using APACT, this supplier was able to tailor their internal audit program to meet the diversity among their focus factories, while remaining within the scope of the QS-9000 standard.

Published: 12/15/1999

Precision Metal Fabricator Increases On-Time Delivery With Shop Control
AR had implemented a Realtrac shopfloor control system from Realtrac Division in 1988 in order to assure customers it could control its operations.

Published: 11/15/1999

Gradual Software Implementation Allows Users To Find Comfort Zone
Big shops may have the financial resources and personnel to change the way they do business almost overnight when they make changes in their information systems. However, at this small shop, that was not the approach shop management took to automati...

Published: 9/15/1999

Shopfloor Software Cuts Non-Productive Time And Increases On-Time Delivery
Palma Tool and Die Company has a full complement of CNC and manual machines, which includes VMCs, lathes, surface grinders, wire EDM and stamping and injection molding machines. Management was facing several issues. How do you make sure that materia...

Published: 8/15/1999

Software Leads To Integration In The Job Shop
Jim Andries of Stremel Manufacturing had a vision of his company's software and employees working together. After several years of piecemeal software purchases, Mr. Andries' vision turned into a true need for shop integration.

Published: 8/15/1999

Scheduling Software Shows Bottlenecks And Solutions
Four years ago Mr. Adams went looking for a scheduling program to smooth out the bumps in his business. Two things he wanted were visual scheduling and a Windows environment. Mr. Adams decided to buy Vista from Epicor Software.

Published: 5/15/1999

Job Shop Provides Machine Operators With Job-Related Data In Real-Time
This shop, which specializes in large parts for power generation, aerospace and defense, decided it wanted to provide machine operators with every piece of information for the job at hand, in one place, at one time and in real-time.