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Published: 5/17/2018

HCR-5000S HMC Specializes in Aluminum Machining
Mazak’s HCR-5000S five-axis, single-table horizontal machining center offers a range of high-speed spindle options, from a standard 12,000-rpm spindle up to 30,000 rpm spindle.

Published: 3/6/2018

MA-12500HW HMC Cuts Exotic Materials
Okuma America Corp.’s MA-12500HW horizontal machining center is suited for large-part aerospace machining and has a W axis that allows for a longer tool stroke to machine complex, difficult-to-reach part features. 

Published: 11/12/2017

EHC125300 CNC Horizontal Lathe Handles Large Parts
SMTCL’s EHC125300 is a high precision CNC horizontal lathe featuring swing over the bed of 1250 mm or 49” that can handle parts up to 3 m in length or 118 inches.

Published: 11/6/2017

2SP-150H Horizontal CNC Lathe is Compact and Flexible
Okuma’s 2SP-150H horizontal twin spindle lathe offers high metal removal rates in a small space and can be used for small part CNC machining, with front-facing spindles allowing access to the workpiece and tooling. 

Published: 11/4/2017

Solid Rock is Thermally Stable Horizontal Machining Center
Starrag’s Heckert Solid Rock machining centers combine water-cooled main drive motors and ballscrews, a temperature-controlled structure, a natural granite machine bed and thermal compensation of the linear and rotary axes. 

Published: 10/8/2017

HF Series Designed for Five-Sided and Five-Axis Machining
Heller’s HF series five-axis horizontal machining centers machine complex prismatic parts, with the fifth axis provided by the workpiece on a swiveling trunnion with rotary table or a pallet changer for higher volume production. 

Published: 9/25/2017

MA-600HII Horizontal Machining Center Designed for High Volume
Okuma’s MA-600HII horizontal machining center incorporates high torque spindle options designed for high volume material removal rates and allows for steady milling, boring, drilling and tapping of mass production parts to long, continuou...

Published: 9/17/2017

2SP-150H Horizontal CNC Lathe is Compact and Flexible
Okuma’s 2SP-150H horizontal twin spindle lathe removes metal in a small space and is used for small part CNC machining, allowing easy and fast access to the workpiece and tooling. 

Published: 9/1/2017

DHF 8000 Machining Center Processes Large, Complex Parts
Doosan’s DHF 8000 is an 800-mm twin pallet five-axis horizontal machining center with a nodding head. This HMC was specifically designed for the processing of large, complex parts such as those used in the aerospace, oil field and automotive i...

Published: 8/15/2017

NHP Horizontal Machining Centers Improve Productivity
Doosan’s NHP Horizontal Machining Center series comes with a 15,000 rpm spindle with 40 horsepower and 169 foot-pounds of torque, a high-torque 15,000 rpm spindle with 223 foot-pounds for heavy cutting, and a 20,000 rpm spindle is in deve...