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Published: 5/23/2018

MC Machinery Offers 2D and 3D Machine Inspection Systems
MC Machinery Systems Inc.’s InspecVision is a high-speed integrated 2D and 3D measurement system designed to bring speed, accuracy and reliability to a shop’s measurement quality process.   

Published: 5/18/2018

Equator 500 System Enables Accurate Gaging Of Larger Parts
Renishaw’s Equator 500 is a larger gaging system that enables the gaging of larger parts, with a working volume of 20” in diameter and up to 16” in height.

Published: 5/12/2018

Level Master Wireless Allows Simultaneous Measurement
Big Kaiser’s Level Master Wireless supports an accuracy of up to 0.01 mm/1 m and allows simultaneous measurement with multiple detectors.

Published: 5/10/2018

MCosmos Software Improves CMM Efficiency
Mitutoyo America Corp.’s MCosmos V4.2 software is a metrology suite of interrelated modules and expansion modules for Microsoft Windows that allows integration among a series of applications. 

Published: 4/30/2018

Optimar 100 Dial Indicator Expands with Upgrade Kit
Mahr Inc. has expanded the Optimar 100 with an upgrade kit that makes working with the measuring instrument safer and faster with a camera that automatically records the indicated values of the test indicators and forwards them to software for proce...

Published: 4/26/2018

Collision Monitoring System Reacts in 1 Millisecond
Marposs Corp.’s Brankamp CMS-02 stand-alone system for collision monitoring and crash damage mitigation in machine tools reacts in 1 millisecond, sending a stop signal to E-Stop that helps to alleviate or even eliminate machine crash...

Published: 4/22/2018

781BXT AccuBore is a Bluetooth-Enabled Electronic Bore Gage
Starrett’s 781BXT AccuBore electronic bore gages are a trigger-operated gaging system, and Bluetooth wireless technology in the bore gage enables measurement data acquisition capabilities without the encumbrances and limitations of c...

Published: 4/16/2018

Global S CMM Series Focuses on Key Productivity Drivers
Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence’s Global S coordinate measuring machine (CMM) series is customizable for specific inspection work and changing manufacturing objectives and features four capability packages focused on customer prod...

Published: 4/11/2018

GoProbe App Simplifies Machine Tool Probes and Tool Setters
Renishaw’s GoProbe is an enabling technology designed to make machine tool probes and tool setters easy to use.

Published: 4/8/2018

Digital Optical Comparator Compares Parts to CAD Data
VisionX Inc.’s Gen2 VisionGauge digital optical comparator is an inspection and measurement system that has CAD auto-align and CAD auto-pass/fail tools that can compare parts to their CAD data automatica...