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Published: 2/20/2018

Hybrid Five-Axis Machine Builds Near-Net Shape Part Features
Smart Manufacturing Experience 2018: Mazak will exhibit its various Smooth Technology products in addition to live cutting demonstrations on its VC-500 AM and small-footprint Integrex i-100 Bartac-S machine tools.

Published: 1/16/2018

Five-Axis VMC Increases Accuracy by Reducing Vibration
Okuma America has released the five-axis Genos M460V-5AX vertical machining center with rigid, cast iron, double-column construction and a high-speed spindle.

Published: 12/28/2017

MircoPro Milling Machine Increases ROI
Kern Precision’s MircoPro four/five-axis milling machine is powered by the HSK40 spindle and has feed ranges up to 1,181 ipm and 42,000 rpm.   

Published: 12/18/2017

DeHoff 2072TC Gundrilling Machine Has Five-Axis Capability
Kays Engineering Inc.’s DeHoff 2072TC is a gundrilling machine with five-axis capability, a spindle mounted on a traveling column to provide the X-axis and Y-axis movement, and a CAT 40 spindle mounted on the traveling column to...

Published: 12/15/2017

Five-Axis Machining Center Offers Precision for Medium-Size Workpieces
Hermle’s C 650 five-axis machining center is an extension of the Performance Line series, now providing three machine models for five-axis machining, including the C 250 and C 400.

Published: 12/8/2017

Five-Axis Rotary Table for Small VMCs
Exsys Tool Inc.’s five-axis rotary table TAP is for small, high-speed vertical machining centers and allows users to upgrade a vertical machining center to increase productivity without incurring the expense of a new machine.

Published: 11/22/2017

Five-Axis Machine’s Water-Cooled Traveling Column Increases Rigidity
Zimmermann is introducing the FZH400 five-axis machining center with a water-cooled traveling column.

Published: 10/3/2017

Five-Axis HMCs Perform Complex Prismatic Machining
Heller Machine Tools introduces its HF series of five-axis horizontal machining centers for complex prismatic parts.

Published: 8/23/2017

VMCs Can be Connected to Form Smart Production Line
EMO 2017: Okuma will demonstrate its MU-S600V five-axis vertical machining center, which enables five-face machining of workpieces as large as 600 mm in diameter.

Published: 7/28/2017

Compact Five-Axis Machine Handles Steel, Cast Iron, Titanium
Built on the company’s FZ33 Compact, Zimmerman’s FZ40 Compact offers the same rigid monoblock structure for rapid, easy setup while enabling heavy-duty cutting with an emphasis on toolmaking.