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Published: 3/1/2019

Eclipse Rotary Transfer Doubled Standard Hydromat Machine
PMTS 2019: The Eclipse 12-100 rotary transfer machine is nearly twice as large as the 12-station Hydromat machines.

Published: 1/22/2019

Gnutti Transfer Machine Designed for Flexibility
PMTS 2019: Gnutti’s line of transfer machines are designed for to accommodate a range of materials including lead free brass, cast iron, steel and more.

Published: 1/13/2019

Rusach CNC Pallet Changers Designed for Versatility
PMTS 2019: Rusach International pallet changers are designed for varied styles, layouts or configurations.

Published: 1/7/2019

Buffoli Transfer Machines Feature Short Cycle Times
PMTS 2019: Buffoli’s CNC multi-spindle transfer machines are designed to machine precision parts from non-rotating bars or extrusions.

Published: 12/16/2018

Transfer Machines Achieve High Levels of Precision
PMTS 2019: Winema is developing customized transfer machines for the production of long runs, families of parts and component variants, all in batch sizes.

Published: 10/4/2018

Eclipse Rotary Transfer Machine Expands Capacity
Hydromat's Eclipse 12-100 12-station rotary transfer machine features multiple tool spindles with one chip management and coolant system.

Published: 9/5/2016

Two-Axis CNC Conversions for 36/100 Recess Unit
The Core Powered two-axis CNC conversion kit is a bolt-on attachment designed for the 36/100 recess unit.

Published: 4/17/2015

Transfer Machine Features 24 Stations
The Gnutti Transfer Piccola transfer machine accommodates workpieces ranging from 2 to 32 mm and can complete turning, drilling, milling and tapping operations.

Published: 3/12/2015

Rotary Transfer Machine Offers Quick Changeover for Small Workpieces
Winema Maschinenbau’s RV 10 Flexmaster is designed for fast, flexible and economical machining as well as very quick changeover times.

Published: 3/4/2015

Rotary Transfer Machine with Non-Rotating Barstock
The Hydromat Epic R/T 25-12 is a collet-style rotary transfer machine for precision metalcutting of stock sizes up to 1.0” round, 0.75” hex, and 0.50” square with a part length up to 4”.