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Published: 9/1/2003

CNC Multi-Spindle Offers New Feature Combos For Lower Cost Per Part
Not too long ago, if cycle time was the primary consideration when buying a new multi- spindle machine, the choice was automatic—cam automatic, that is. Today, CNC multi-spindle machines offer cycle times comparable to those for cam automatics and a...

Published: 3/15/2003

Selecting The Right Shaft Coupling
When designing machinery, how do you begin to select the right coupling for a drivetrain application? How do you find one that will not only compensate for misalignments in the joined shafts but will also provide the flexibility, torque capacity, co...

Published: 9/15/2002

Using CNC On Cam Multis
Much buzz around the industry is focused on how best to apply CNC in multi-spindle screw machine shops. Some advocate total commitment to the technology, while others believe a mixture of mechanical and electronic actuation is the ticket. We visited...

Published: 7/15/2002

Scratching Surface Flaws With Automation
Machining parts complete on CNC multi-spindles, with automatic load and unload, is proving the key to nick- and scratch-free parts for this tier-two auto parts maker.

Published: 7/15/2002

So, You Need To Automate Your Multi-Spindle...
You can't decide if you need an integrated loader or a stock reel loader. You've boiled it down to a space versus cost decision. Now what do you do? You basically have two choices: the stock reel loader or an integrated loader.

Published: 10/15/2001

Multi-spindle Thinking For Machining Center Parts
With 120 multi-spindle screw machines, this job shop naturally looked for technology that applied many of the key principles to non-rotational parts.

Published: 9/15/2001

Linear Motors On Multis
A primary objective for multi-spindle screw machines, or any metalcutting machine tool, is to accurately and rapidly deliver a cutting tool to a workpiece while precisely controlling its cutting action.

Published: 9/1/2001

Boosting Multi-Spindle Productivity
Here's a look at some of the ways Delta Faucet is taking advantage of off-the-shelf technology to improve multi-spindle screw machining productivity.

Published: 3/15/2001

Relief For Sloppy Slides
Few screw machine shops can escape the inevitability of tighter tolerance demands from customers. Getting the most accurate tool travel from a screw machine is a key component to consistent part production.

Published: 7/15/1999

CNC Multispindles: Are They For You
Multispindle machines are highly complex and highly productive machine tools. Justification for their use in shops is well known. Lately, however, successful integration of multispindle CNC is changing the justification equation for shops currently ...