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Published: 6/15/2020

CellCon’s FC-1000-15 is Flexible Face, Centering Machine
CellCon Cellular Concept’s face and centering machine is designed for flexible, pre-turning production operations.

Published: 3/11/2019

Wickman ACW Screw Machines Feature Ranging Capacities
PMTS 2019: Wickman’s ACW 6-44 CNC screw machine is designed for long-term machining and easy maintenance.

Published: 2/28/2019

Absolute Screw Machine Supports Backworking Tools
PMTS 2019: Absolute Machine Tools’ LNT-42S-S4 11-axis multi-slide CNC screw machine is capable of form tool use with each slide including a full two-axis servo-controlled travel.

Published: 10/21/2018

MW120II Turning Center Enables Fast Automation
Murata Machinery’s MW120II twin-spindle turning center features a high-speed, lightweight gantry loader, which enables rapid traverse speeds in the X, Y and Z axes.

Published: 11/15/2017

Double-Spindle Machining Center Offers High Rigidity
GMTA’s Rasoma DSP 450-2 double-spindle machining center’s thermal stability is enhanced by cooled motor spindles and the rapid traverse on these centers ranges up to 60 m/min. at high acceleration.