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Published: 1/17/2013

Automatic Lathes Provide Zero Defects, Three-Shift Production
Being competitive these days is essential, yet becoming more difficult.

Published: 5/24/2012

Metamorphosis of a Brown & Sharpe Department
This plant needed to maximize machine utilization and decrease labor costs. It began by upgrading its Department 417 Brown & Sharpe single-spindle screw machines.

Published: 9/14/2005

Shop Jumps Into CNC Machining
Although this shop was already established and highly successful, it recently decided to make the "jump" into CNC machines, acquiring three new machines.

Published: 9/14/2005

Changing Products With Higher Quality And Productivity
Advanced Secondaries, Inc. has an unusual position in the marketplace. By making specials from standard screw machine parts or cold-headed parts for the past 30 years, this company has found its comfortable niche.

Published: 8/25/2004

Staking A Claim In the CNC Multi-Slide Niche
The new TBC 42 multi-slide automatic turning machine by Brazilian machine-tool builder Ergomat may be made in South America, but its target market is clearly Western Europe and North America.

Published: 4/27/2004

Military Supplier Delivers On Spec, On Time
When your only product is socket set screws and your primary customers are the demanding aerospace and military markets, quality and uptime are paramount. Your multi-spindle machines need to be reliable and easily reconfigured to produce a new part ...

Published: 9/1/2003

Looking For Solutions In New Places
When this shop needed a new turning center to produce small parts quickly, it looked to the Haas Mini Lathe for the solution.

Published: 7/15/2002

New Swiss Turning Technology Boosts Productivity For Contract Manufacturer
Technically, this control is not a CNC, but a PNC (parallel numerical control), and that is the difference. The PNC control was developed using a FANUC system that allows each machine axis to be governed by its own chip, which carries the part progr...