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Video: Swiss Machining of Airbag Component
The capability to perform multiple operations, including backworking, makes these machines attractive for complex, short parts like this airbag component.

Video: Modulation Assisted Machining
This footage shows the effect of a techology that speeds and simplifies center drilling by oscillating the drill through many pecks per second.

Machining A Non-Round Part On A Turning Center
This intricate machining cycle on a CNC Swiss-type lathe reveals how a turning center capable of X-, Y- and Z-axis motion in milling can be effective even when the part is not round. The part, a spinal hook, does not feature anything like the axial ...

More In The Know
This shop is in the early stages of integrating Internet-based training tailored specifically to the brand of Swiss-type lathes it uses. The goal is to bring prospective employees up to speed quicker while enabling existing employees to progress to ...

Video: Setting Boring Bar Offset On A Swiss-Type
This video clip from a MasterTask Training instructional course describes how to set the X-axis geometry offset for a boring bar on a Tsugami Swiss-type lathe.

Video: Form Tools On CNC Lathes
Form tools are traditionally associated with non-CNC machines, but in certain applications they make sense on modern machines as well.

Sawing On A Turning Center
This part machined on a CNC Swiss-type lathe includes 0.008-inch slots machined through precision sawing. The lathe performing this work uses linear motors in place of ballscrews.

The Role Of The Subspindle In CNC Swiss-Type Machining
This video shows a machining cycle on a CNC Swiss-type lathe that takes advantage of more sophisticated features involving the subspindle. The subspindle driving workpiece during the last machining operations reduces the length of remnant that has t...

Bone Screw Machining On A CNC Swiss-Type Lathe
View this video to see clearly how a CNC Swiss-type lathe works. On a machine of this type, the guide bushing moves the part along the axial direction so the tool can remain close to the point of support. Thread whirling is one of the operations in ...