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Published: 9/6/2017

Quick-Change System Designed for Confined Space Machining
Benz Inc.’s NanoFix modular quick-change system for Swiss lathe live and static tools applications is designed for Swiss-type tooling with a minimum spindle distance of 22 mm and makes it simple to change tools inside the Swiss lathe in as lit...

Published: 9/3/2017

LaserSwiss CNC Machine Combines Cutting and Welding
Tsugami Automation’s 20 mm, seven-axis SS207-5AX LaserSwiss CNC machine integrates two SPI laser systems, one for cutting operations and a second one for welding.

Published: 8/29/2017

SS207-5AX LaserSwiss Cuts and Welds
Tsugami Automation’s CNC Swiss turn SS207-5AX LaserSwiss is a 20 mm, seven-axis CNC Swiss lathe with two fully integrated SPI lasers, one for cutting and one for welding.

Published: 8/16/2017

Traub Swiss Turning Machine Offers Automation Options
Traub’s TNL20 sliding/fixed headstock automatic lathe can be equipped to use up to four tools simultaneously with an optional robot cell integrated in the machine available for automated loading of blank shafts or preformed workpieces&nbs...

Published: 7/26/2017

SS207-5AX LaserSwiss CNC Lathe with Two SPI Lasers
At WESTEC 2017, Tsugami/REM Sales, LLC will feature the Tsugami LaserSwiss CNC lathe.

Published: 7/21/2017

SV-20R Swiss-type Automatic Lathe Reduces Production Time and Improves Accuracy
Star CNC showcases the SV-20R Swiss-type automatic lathe.

Published: 5/10/2017

TNL18 Series Swiss-Type Automatic Lathes Perform Dynamically with Improved Accelerations
In extensive tests, the developers made sure that the mechanical conditions of the machine harmonize with the new dynamics.

Published: 11/18/2016

Ganesh 20-mm Hybrid Swiss CNC Lathe for Machining Efficiency
The Ganesh twin-spindle SL-20Y2 eight-axis 20-mm Swiss lathe addresses the need for getting work up to ¾-inch diameter done efficiently in only one operation with all of the axial and radial milling features accurately timed and deburred.

Published: 10/1/2015

Swiss-Type Lathe for Small Workpieces
The Yama Seiki Swiss-type lathe is especially useful for workpieces smaller than 42 mm (1.65"). The SW series is available with a sub-spindle, live tooling and a bar feeder.

Published: 7/29/2015

Tsugami’s Laser Cutting System Includes Six-Axis Swiss Machining
The Tsugami S206-II with IMG 400LS laser cutting system, also called the Tsugami LaserSwiss, combines six-axis Swiss machining with laser cutting on one machine, allowing manufacturers to perform Swiss turning and laser cutting operations with one s...