Thinbit Toolholders Position Inserts at Multiple Angles

Angled round toolholders position the insert at 30-, 45- or 60-degree angles for reliefs, undercuts and angled outer diameter and face grooves.


JMPP Customizes Coupling Bolts for Mazak CNC Lathe Specifications

Customized coupling bolt’s high-torque design creates better taper contact and delivers higher strength.


Vardex Threading Toolholders Offer Two Coolant Ports

Vardex external thread turning toolholders have two high-pressure coolant outlets for greater precision and longer tool life.


Rego-Fix Coolant-Through System for Live Tooling

ReCool Erax is low-maintenance way to retrofit static or driven tooling systems with internal coolant capabilities.


Kyocera JTC Holders Improve Chip Control, Wear Prevention

Inch-size toolholders with high-pressure coolant delivery are designed to improve performance in turning, grooving, cut-off and threading applications.


Speed Matters in Microtooling Applications

A variety of tooling spindle options brings micromachining work within reach for shops looking to expand their capabilities.


Seco QC Modular Toolholder Simplifies Swiss-Type Machining

Modular toolholder system for manufacturers seeking to improve productivity with Swiss-type machining. 


Microcentric's Alloy Collet Chuck is a Low-Maintenance Machining Option

The collet chuck features a pullback design with a floating collet seat and incorporates a mounting in the ID of the chuck body for centers or other types of locators. The floating collet seat design, with the vulcanized quick-change collets, enables the collet to compensate up to 1.5 mm.


Big Kaiser Offers Chip Blower for Cleaning Parts and Tables

  Big Kaiser’s Chip Blower is designed to make removing chips and coolant from parts and machine tables fast and easy, the company says.  The Chip Blower automates in-machine cleaning of coolant and chips by delivering high-volume air flow with spindle rotation.

Cutting Tools

Big Kaiser Expands BBT30 Toolholder Offering

Big Kaiser has added inch standard sizes for the U.S. market to the production of its Big-Plus BBT30 basic arbors (shell mill holders, end mill holders, shrink fit and blanks).