Masa Tool Microconic Cartridge Replaces Standard Collet

PMTS 2019: Masa Tool’s F37M10 cartridge is said to replace the standard TF37 collet in a users CNC spindle.


Hard Jaws Center and Grip Equally

Hard jaws from Dillon are designed to center the workpiece and grip it equally with each jaw.


Self-Centering Vises Prevent Lift

Jergens Inc.’s vises for multi-axis machining productivity are available in 75 mm and 130 mm with varied mounting options.


Collet Pad Jaws Shorten Cycle Times

Collet pad top jaw systems from Dillon Manufacturing enable more aggressive machining to shorten cycle times while providing consistent repeatability.


Chuck Jaws Fit Master Jaws with Hard-to-Find Pitches

Dillon Manufacturing's soft top jaws enable consistent part clamping.


Trunnion Machine Smooths Shop’s Workflow

This article looks at an automotive aftermarket supplier that consolidated its multi-machine process into a single machining cell.

Automation & Robots

Automation in High-Mix, Low-Volume Turning Applications

Turning shops are familiar with automation for high-volume work, but the shifting landscape to smaller batch sizes has created new challenges.


Jaw Nuts Reduce Change-Over Time

Fast-Trac jaw nuts, from Dillon Manufacturing Inc., convert standard chucks into quick-change chucks, reducing jaw change-over time by 50 percent or more, according to the company.


Modular Clamping Jaw Increases Efficiency, Productivity

Hoffmann Group’s Garant Xpent five-axis vise facilitates clamping strategies for increased productivity.


Precision Workholding Matters

This article explains some of the advancements in precision workholding demands and the solutions that are available to improve production and quality in shops making precision parts.