CAM for Die/Mold

CAM software for die/mold machining has to respond to the complex 3D milled geometries typical of die and mold tooling. In addition to milling the shape correctly, the CAM software also has to pick a pattern of tool paths that can achieve the required surface finish. These tool paths are far too numerous and too mathematically complex to be written by a programmer, so CAM software is essential for generating them automatically. The programmer ensures that the underlying CAD model is correct and complete, then chooses basic parameters such as cutting tools and the preferred patterns and parameters of machining, to let the CAM software author the program. The CAM software also is likely to account for such important die/mold machining practices as high speed machining, most likely doing this by adapting the direction changes in the tool paths so that the tool does not see any sharp turns but instead changes direction gradually. This minimizes impacts to the tool, workpiece or machine while the tool feeds rapidly and efficiently across the part.
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SmartCAM features New Mill/Turn Sub-Spindle and B-axis Support, Morph Pattern Roughing.
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Five-Axis Module


CAM Software Features Solid Modeling Kernel And Open GL Graphics

Offering improvements in solid CAD compatibility, the SmartCAM V14 also shows growth in productivity, usability and visualization. The product family consists of production milling, advanced milling, freeform machining, production turning, advanced turning, advanced wire EDM and advanced fabrication. The product includes Acis solid modeling kernel in all applications, which was previously found in freeform machining and advanced milling.


CAM Software Adds New Features

SmartCAMcnc has released version 13. 0 for SmartCAM production milling, FreeForm machining, advanced milling, production turning, advanced turning and more. These releases include new functionality, such as pencil milling, surface machining improvements, container elements and container surfaces.

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SmartCAM v2019 Delivers Adaptive Processes


SmartCAM v2019 CAM software consists of applications for CNC milling, turning, fabrication and wire EDM. 

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