Inspection & Measurement Equipment

Inspection and Measuring Equipment includes all of the tools and devices that are used to verify that a part’s dimensions all conform to the tolerances required by the part’s design. Included are various hand-held gages such as calipers and micrometers, as well as more simple gage blocks or plug gages. However, inspection and measurement in most shops also goes beyond hand-held gages to include coordinate measuring machines (CMMs), the measurement machine tools able to execute programmed measurement routines. Also included in this category are devices such as profilometers that measure the finish of machined surfaces.
CMM as part of Inspection Cell

Automated Inspection on the Shop Floor

Most machine shops understand the value of automation when it is applied to such operations as turning, milling and grinding.


Choosing the Right Toolsetting and Detection Technologies

Investing the time to invest in the right machines can mean the difference between a profitable operation and an ongoing headache.

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New Product Announcements

Sorter Inspects Over 360 Degrees

Resec System’s J198 sorter inspects the average, maximum and minimum measurements of each dimension of a part. 

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